This is how The "Avoid the Song-a-lange" Challenge/Dance-off goes in Slap Slap Revolution of Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Total Drama: World Tour.

[on the plane]

Jessie Primefan:

DJ: Man. I'm just so sick to have the stupid animal mangling curse.

Thomas: C'mon, DJ. Don't believe it's real.

Leshawna: OpThomas is right. The more you believe that trash, the more power it has over you.

DJ: Really? Wow. Maybe you're right.

Matau T. Monkey: Six episodes and no eliminations. Master Ryan was a bit like Kurumi himself.

Alejandro: Need Jessie and I remind you all that we lost the last challenge?

Emmet: Yeah. At least Ryan's ok with Odette. Ventus and Aqua and Terra and Heather. Remember last season where Courtney and Ryan formed an alliance to get rid of Leshawna?

Leshawna: That was good times, Specail.

Zoey: Yup. Ryan got his powers back after Ryan's and Sora's Digimon Frontier. What does Xehanort think Ryan is? Tyler?

Tyler: Hey!

Sunset Shimmer: And I think Lea is not in the game. He kinda forgot about us.

Lea: Hey! I'm right here too! Get it memorized!

[Meanwhile in first class]

Ryan Tokisaki: So, Ryan. You think Sorina can help you.

Ryan F-Freeman:

[Ryan notices Sierra and screams]


[At the confessional]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh Primus. Sierra is a cute girl. I think she might think I'm her Cody. Megatron needs to be out of the game.

[the camera changes to Ryashi]

Ryashi: If I know that hero anywhere, Ryan is teaching me about friendship. Maybe I can form an alliance with Bertram.


Cody: Ahh! No more foot rubs, Sierra! [falls asleep] No more foot rubs, Sierra....

[Ryan gets a vision about the scene from Barbie: Princess Charm School. Ryan saw Delancy holding Gardania's magical crown and gives it to her mom]

Ryan F-Freeman: Delancy?

Dame Devin:

[She puts the crown on Delancy's head and

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa.

[in reality. Ryan mumbles and Heather slaps him, ending the vision]

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