Here's the scene where the D-Team & Alpha Gang and their Dinosaurs fights The Space Pirates and their Dinosaurs in Weekenders Adventures of LEGO Dimensions.

(The D-Team, Alpha Gang along with their dinosaurs arrive in the vortex)

Max Taylor: Where are we?

Rex Owen: I don't know. Whatever it is, this dimension is weird

Spectre: (Off Screen) Hello there little types.

(Suddenly the Space Pirate's Dinosaurs appear and so as the Space Pirates)

Max Taylor: It's the Space Pirates!

Spectre: (Laughing) It sounds like you are trapped in this area where you will face us. As soon as we win, we rule all the dimensions!

Max Taylor: Not gonna happened, Spectre!

Zoe Drake: Yeah, we would let that happened!

Ursula (Dinosaur King): She's right! No one tries to defeat the Alpha Gang along with the D-Team and gets away with it!

Zander: Not that we're really scared or anything, at least I wasn't.

Ed: Let's get 'em!

Max Taylor: Right! Let's do it!

D-Team: Dino slash!

Alpha Gang: Alpha slash!

(Chomp, Ace, Paris, Terry, Spiny & Tank grow to their full size dinosaurs)

D-Team & A-Team: Element booster!

D-Team: Dinotector on!

Alpha Gang: Dinotector on!

(Chomp, Ace, Paris, Terry, Spiny & Tank transforms to their armor forms)

Spectre: You little types, if you think you can defeat us! Brontikens let's deal with them!

Gavro: Gigas, get them!

Foolscap: Armatus!

Sheer: Teach them a lesson, Maximus!

(D-Team's, A-Team's & Space Pirate's Dinosaurs begins to charge to each other, then they start the fight)

Max Taylor: Lightning Spear!

(Chomp activates his attack and charges towards Gigas, but Gigas avoid the attack)

Rex Owen: Hurricane Beat!

(Ace flew towards Armatus, but Armatus smacks Ace with his tail)

Zoe Drake: Green Impluse!

(Paris summons Tupuxuara and flies towards Maximus, but Maximus avoid the attack)

Foolscap: We'll then how about this! Anhanguera Dive!

(Foolscap summons Anhanguera and attacks Tupuxuara)

Max Taylor: Lightning Strike!

(Chomp unleashes his attack and hits the Anhanguera and turns back into a card)

Max Taylor: Awesome, Chomp!

Foolscap: Grrr! You'll pay for that!

Sheer: Spectral Punisher!

(Maximus' horns grow into a giant crystal horn charging towards the D-Team's and A-Team's Dinosaurs but they move away from the giant crystal horn)

Ursula (Dinosaur King): Volcano Burst!

(Terry activates the fire move attack and it hits Maximus)

Zander: Spiny! Take down Gavro's T-Rex!

(Spiny runs charges Gigas but Gigas bites Spiny right in the neck as Spiny spins around struggling to be free and at last finally got out of Gigas' mouth and fights him)

Ed: Let's see how Tank can take down that Stegosaurus!

(Tank then fights Armatus then Spiny bites Gigas right on it's neck holding it down)

Max Taylor: Now it's our turn! Lightning Spear!

(He slashes the card to make Chomp activates the move and the lightning spear stabs Gigas, defeats it and turns back into a card)

Gavro: No!

Max Taylor: Yes!