This is when Tino found the abandoned game in Tino and the Real Girl.

Tino: Man, I can’t believe Sunset Shimmer has something else to do more than going on a date with me. But I respect that, I really do.

[Sunset Shimmer walks right into his direction]

Tino: Oh no, Sunset Shimmer. I can’t let her see me. (run inside the video game store, so Sunset Shimmer won’t see him) Woah, that was close.

???: Hey, Tino.

[Noby and Sue are there]

Tino: Oh, hi Noby. Hi Sue. What’s going on?

Sue: Nothing much, I was about to go on a date with Noby.

Tino: Really? Well…you see, uh---I tried to ask Sunset Shimmer on a date, but she has something else to do right now.

Noby: Really?

Tino: Yeah! I never gone over it never. Hey, I know I’ll buy some games to calm my nerves. That’ll make me feel better.

Sue: I guess that’s a good idea.

Tino: Have fun on your date, guys. Talk to you later.

[In the computer game section]

Tino: Okay, which games do I want to buy? (looks at “Mega Man ZX”) That looks like a good game to play. (takes it out of the shelve) Check! Now let’s see what else. (looks at another game called “Jumping Jack”] That looks like another game to play, well, time to get it. (takes it out of the shelve, but accidentally gotten the game called “Romantic Academy &” with it) Now to pay for these two games.

[Tino takes the games to the store clerk and she scans the two games, but not the third game]

Store Clerk: Excuse me, I'm not sure you want to buy this game, sir. This is the third time someone's brought it back, and there's a note on it that says "destroy at all costs."

Tino: What?

Store Clerk: Never mind. [scans the third game]

Tino: Okay now to Pinkie Pie’s house.

[Cut to Pinkie Pie’s House]

Twilight Sparkle: Hey Tino.

Applejack: Haven’t seen you since school today. Where have you been?

Tino: We’ll you know I went to the game store and bought some new games to play to claim my nerves.

Tish: “Claim your nerves?”

Fluttershy: What happened?

Peter Pan: I might tell you guys what happened. Tino asked Sunset Shimmer out on a date with him.

Rarity: That is quite romantic.

Peter Pan: But she rejected his invitation because she has to practice her music skills. Am I right, Tinker Bell?

Tinker Bell: (nods)

Tino: Look guys, I know this is serious but I have to go play new games in my room now, okay?

[He went to his room, and plays the two games for 3 hours]

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