After the Legion of Doom successfully interfere with Karone's return, she agrees to join her brother, Andros, in the ranks of the Emerald Searchers, but her induction to the team is soon interrupted by the villains' discovery of an ancient temple containing the Chaos Emeralds. The Heroes and the Villlains thus have a battle to get the Chaos Emeralds, only for the Emeralds to accidentally be launched across the universe to different worlds when Sonic and Karone save Chris and Aisling from Queen Beryl's lightning bolt. Realizing that the villains might take advantage of the situation for their own ends, our heroes prepare themselves for the expected long-term conflict for control of the Chaos Emeralds, which will thus lead to them possibly being able to save Angel Grove, the worlds, and the very universe itself. This causes Zordon, Ninjor, Dulcea, Lerigot, and the Oracle to officially call the Hunt for the Chaos Emeralds as having truly begun. This is the beginning of the Emerald Searchers, and a new journey for them to undertake.