The Agrabah Princess with The Mask of Phantasm It's the 32th Episode of Pooh's Adventures Chronicles by Daniel Esposito and David Graham it Will Appear on Zippcast on a Near Future.


Bowser's on a bit of a tizzy at the moment due to a temper tantrum he's having from fury at not being able to destroy Pooh and his friends in any of his adventures. Thankfully, Dr. Facilier's right there to help his boss calm down by having Andrea Beaumont, Bruce Wayne's former girlfriend, otherwise known as the Phantasm, be kidnapped by his Shadow Demons and sent down to Dark World in order to be forcibly turned into a spirit, merged with her costume, then sent to Agrabah as a means of capturing one of the 7 Maidens of Purest Heart: Jasmine. They hope that by having her put on the costume on a whim to try it out, they can use a spell to extract her pure uncorruptible heart from her body, and then have a shadow demon possess her heartless body to bring forth a new Phantasm to serve King Bowser's evil wishes. Truth to say, Facilier's plan works, and Jasmine's heart is brought before him while a new Phantasm lurks about Gotham, kidnapping honest, squeaky-clean philanthropists and politicians as a crude mockery of Andrea's original mission to slay the corrupt mob bosses. Facilier intends to have his Shadow Demon-Jasmine Nobody Phantasm fusion slay the good hearted people of Gotham so that the crime lords can take over and run this city down to the ground.

Now, it's up to Aladdin and Batman to get Jasmine's heart back from Facilier and stop the Phantasm Demon before its too late for the real Jasmine.