The Amazing Train-Prime Adventure is another movie to be made by Transformersprimefan.


Thomas is visited by what he thinks is the ghost of one of the Train-Primes, who tells him that he wasn't built on Earth like his friends but on Cybertron. Thomas strives to journey deeper into his past to find out more. However, with Deceptitrain Starsmoke snooping around and the sudden strange appearence of Alpha Trion, will Thomas make good progress?


A Train-Prime visits Thomas

One night, Thomas the tank engine is asleep when a Train-Prime from the past suddenly appears. Thomas wakes up frightened. The Train-Prime tells Thomas not to panic and stay calm. Thomas asks the Train-Prime why he is here and the Train-Prime explains that he has come to tell Thomas of his past. The Train- Prime firstly explains that Thomas was not built on Earth like his friends but on Cybertron like the Autobots and Decepticons. Thomas is in awe and tells the Train-Prime to tell him more. The Train-Prime then explains that Thomas was sent to Earth to be protected from the Deceptitrains long ago. Thomas is shocked to find this out. The Train-Prime then takes off into Space. Thomas then goes back to sleep. In the morning, Thomas tells his friends about what happened last night but Gordon doesn't believe him, as usual. Thomas decides to inform the Autobots and heads to the Nemesis. He informs the Autobots and Optimus Prime thinks it could have something to do with the Deceptitrains. But even as he speaks, a Deceptitrain life signal appears on the monitors. Ratchet suggests that the signal must belong to the Deceptitrain Hunter. The group bridges to the place where the signal came from. However, images of Alpha Trion, Optimus' old mentor, flash up in Thomas' mind and he collapses to the ground, unconscious.

Thomas meets Alpha Trion/Alpha Trion warns Thomas

Thomas wakes up in a dark space, feeling dizzy. There is an uknown voice calling his name as he stuggles to open his eyes fully. When Thomas fully opens his eyes, the voice becomes normal. Thomas sees a white and blue robot standing before him. Thomas asks the robot who he is and the robot tells him that he is Optimus Prime's mentor, Alpha Trion! Alpha tells Thomas that Starsmoke is trying to take his Prime Powers and become the ultimate ruler of the world. Thomas asks who Starsmoke is and Alpha tells him that he was once Megatrain's second-in-command.



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