Here's how the ants fight back and the rain starts in Brian and the Eeveelution Family's Adventures of A Bug's Life.

[Dot runs out but is picked up by Hopper]

Hopper: Who's idea was this?! Huh?!

[No reply]

Hopper: (turns to Atta) Was it yours, Princess!?

Atta: Just get behind me girls, it'll be okay.

Flik: Leave her alone, Hopper! [hops out of the bird] The bird was my idea! I'm the one you want!

[Hopper releases Dot and snaps his fingers and Thumper beats up Flik and Hopper makes him stop]

Hopper: Where did you get the goal, to do this to me?

Flik: You were... you were gonna squish the queen.

[everyone gasps]

Dot: It's true.

Hopper: I hate it when someone gives away the idea.

[Thumper kicks Flik hard]

Hopper: You piece of dirt! No, I'm wrong. You're an ant! [to the other bugs] Let this be a lesson to all you ants. Ideas are very dangerous things. You are mindless, soil-shoving losers, put on this earth to serve us!

Flik: You're wrong, Hopper. [Groaning starts getting up] Ants are not meant to serve grasshoppers!

[Hopper walks angirly towards him]

Flik: I've seen these ants do great things. And year after year, they somehow manage... to pick food for themselves and you. So-So who is the weaker species? Ants don't serve grasshoppers. It's you who need us!

[The ants gasps and chattered]

Flik: We're a lot stronger than you say we are. And you know it, don't you?

[Hopper slaps him to the ground and prepares to kill him when Atta gets in the way]

Hopper: Well, Princess!

Molt: Umm, Hopper? I hate to interrupt, but, um--

[The ants look angirly at Hopper]

Brian: Surrender, Hopper. You're outnumbered.

Hopper: You ants stay back!

[But they all hold arms together]

Molt: Oh, this was such a bad idea!

Atta: You see, Hopper, nature has a certain order. [hovers up to him] The ants pick the food, the ants keep the food, and the grasshoppers leave!

Peter: GET HIM!!!

[Everyone charges and Molt runs away]

Atta: I'm so proud of you, Flik!

Tuck & Roll: Charge-a!

Jimmy: Time to teach you grasshoppers a lesson! Go, Typhlosion [sends out Typhlosion] Typhlosion, Flame Wheel, now!

[Typhlosion charges and creates a flame wheel]

Hopper: Where are you going? They're just ants! [gets hit by Tuck & Roll] Oof! [gets run over by the colony]

[then Thumper jumps in front of Dot]

Dot: (yelps)

Thumper: [growls]

[But Dot smacks him]

Dot: No, bad grasshopper. Bad, grasshopper! Go home!

Thumper: [roars]

[But then Dim jumps in and roars feroiously which scares the bejedders out of Thumper as he flies away, yelping]

Dim: (chuckles)

Dot: Yeah! [hi-fives Dim]

Flareon: So long suckers!

Hopper: Come back you cowards, don't leave!

[the ants then all pick up Hopper]

Flik: To the cannon!

Ants: [cheer]

Hopper: No! [tries to break free but the ants are too strong for him as they stuff him into the cannon.]

Spider: [gives a drumroll]

[Dim then hops on the root]

Dim: [chuckles]

Hopper: [gasps]

Flik: Happy landings, Hopper!

[But before Dim can jump, there's a thunderclap and blot of lightning]

Dim: Huh?

Sylveon: What was that?

Brian: We'd should have stayed away from Ant Island!

[everyone stops as Flik looks and then a heavy shower of Rain comes in!]

Flik: RAIN!!!!

[then the raindrops satart coming down, knocking Hopper and the cannon asside as all the ants race for the anthill, but the rain is making it difficult for them]

Hopper: [gets up and notices Flik in the middle of it all] (Growls)

[then one raindrop knocks Dim from the root as Hopper rolls over and theen is launched from the cannon]

Hopper: [growls as he deploys his wings and then he grabs Flik and flies away]

Atta: Flik!

Slim: Quick, after them!

[Francis picks him up and fly up]

Heimlich: [war cries]

Brian: Hang on, Flik!

[Soon, they are all chasing after Hopper but then Francis soon collects a random stick]

Francis: Ah! Slim!

Slim: Francis! Francis, Francis, I'm stuck!

Francis: Where are ya?!

Slim: I'm over here!

Francis: Where?

Slim: Here! I'm the only stick with eye balls!

[Cuts back to the chase]

Flik: Help, help!

Sylveon: We're coming, Flik!

Heimlich: Get him!

[Rosie throws Tuck and Roll and they hop on Hopper and they pull on his antenna. But Hopper drives them to a branch and makes them trap]

Brian: Flik!

Flik: No!

Tuck: [chuckles]

Roll: [yells at him]

Tuck: [shows his antenna and they laugh]