The Arofighter is a special armored space freighter that Benny the Beast created. He, his partners, and his friends
Arofighter copy

The Arofighter

often use the ship as their transport when getting from place to place.


  • The Arofighter first appeared in a Star Wars animated short called "The Arofighter in the Battle of Yavin," made by Startanica. It returned with a slightly new design in the special edition version of the video, which is said to be the video that launched the partnership of Startanica and LionheartCaptain.
  • In Benny, Leo, and Johnny's Adventures Series, the Arofighter will be used as their transport. It is one of the best transports the LionKingHeart Fantasy Films crew has ever known.
  • In Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventures of Star Wars Droids, the Arofighter will serve as the teams primary transport to such events as the Boonta Speeder Race, the coronation of Mon Julpa on Tammuz-an and the search for gems in the Roon System.

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