The Arofighter in the Battle of Yavin is a 3-minute Star Wars animated fan-film made by FantasyFilms2011. It
Arofighter Poster
premiered on YouTube in July of 2009, and is the film that started the life-long friendship between FantasyFilms2011 and LionheartCaptain


"The Arofighter in the Battle of Yavin" recreates the climatic battle as seen in the original Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope) with the addition of FantasyFilms2011's original designed space freighter and two of his original characters as X-wing pilots.


  • In The Rival Arrives, (both the written version on Deviant Art and the video on YouTube), The Arofighter in the Battle of Yavin is shown in 3D as homage to the re-releases of the Star Wars Saga in 3D beginning in February 2012.

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