This is how the Autobots discover the Cons' return and Jack meets Arcee goes in episode 1 of Ryan F-Freeman's Adventures of Transformers: Prime.

[At the Autobot Base, the Autobots watch the sunset]

[Optimus gives a speech]

Major Malfunction: This has left me no choice. I will have to bring in my students.

Optimus Prime: Major, it is not wise to-

Major Malfunction: They know of our kind, Optimus. I trained them in the ways of combat. They're ready. I know they are.

[Arcee then walks away from them]

Major Malfunction: Where are you off to?

Arcee: The Cons are back and they killed Cliff. I'm going back to defending humanity.

Major Malfunction: Vengeance isn't the answer.

[she drives off]

Major Malfunction: I hope she knows what she is doing, Optimus. If she doesn't, the her anger could lead to recklessness, and expose us.

[the next day, we see Jack Darby working]

Jack Darby: Two cheeseburgers with everything on them.

[the drivers make fun of him]

Jack Darby: Alright, that's two cheeseburgers, everything on them, with a side of jerks.

Driver: What?!

Nighlock:(crash lands in front of the window) One day, I'll capture you, ya big term blossoms.(in William Stryker's voice) One day! One day!

Dark Masters:(laughs, revealing it was them he was trying to capture)

[he gets up and walks away, while the drivers take their food without paying]

Jack Darby: Hey! I'm gonna have to pay for that!

[we then see Arcee driving when two Vehicons appeared]

Arcee: Scrap.[pulls up to the resteraunt]

[Jack walks out and sees Arcee]

Jack Darby: Hello beautiful. I'm gonna own you one day.

[while Jack talks to two girls, Arcee see the same vehicons]

Arcee:[to herselt] Come on.

[He continues talking, until Arcee knows time is up and drives away with him]

Jack Darby: [screams]

[a silver blur runs past the girls and to Arcee]

Quicksilver: Hey Cee, what's up?

Arcee: Nothing.

Taser: Oh that's right. I am.[she is flying upside down]

Indominus Rex: It sure looks like the Cons are chasing you.

[Crash Bandicoot pops up and uses his magic on the Cons]

Crash Bandicoot: Freeze! [to Jack] She's not the only one talking.

Bucky Barnes:[drives up]

Arcee: Hey, Barnes.

Crash Bandicoot: Hi, Bucky. [pats Indominus Rex's head] Who invited that dino girl anyway?

Bucky Barnes: She's part of the team.

Crash Bandicoot: Right.

Archangel:[fires metal feathers at the Cons]

Crash Bandicoot: I got it covered![summons his Keyblade]

[The fight allows Arcee to drive off with Jack still on her]

Crash Bandicoot: That's intense. The Cons don't stand a chand against me and this Dino hybryd girl.

Vehicon 1: We have back up though.

[Two more Vehicons appear and start chasing Arcee]

Bucky Barnes:[shoots a magnetic bomb under one which blows up]

[Nighlock shows up]

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