This is how The Autobots return to Cybertron goes in Deadlock.

Optimus Prime: Though our homeworld is once again capable of supporting life we have much rebuilding to do. Alas, we will miss our home away from home and the family we've made here.

Bumblebee: Rarity, if I don't see you again... It has been fun while it lasted.

Major Malfunction:

Arcee: Mal? You of all......

Major Malfunction: Yip yip yip. I know where I am needed.

[ ]

Bumblebee: Rarity.

Rarity: I know, Bee. You don't have to say anything.

Bumblebee: I never did.

[ ]

Bulkhead: Well, that ends that.

Applejack: See you, Bulk.

[ ]

Rainbow Dash: See you around, 'Cee.

Arcee: Don't forget to keep up the Wonderbolt dream.

[ ]

Smokescreen: Guess this is goodbye, Pinkster.

Pinkie Pie: Yeah.

[ ]



[ ]

Optimus Prime: I will see you again soon, Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: But Optimus, we have gotten attached to you through our time with you.

[Optimus has second thoughts]

Optimus Prime: How would you six like to come to Cybertron with us?

Pinkie Pie: [perks up in excitement] Seriously?!

Optimus Prime: I have seen how much we have gotten attach to each other and thanks to Twilight, I realized

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