This is how the baby's coming and just a kick goes in Total Drama: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

[Scrat climbs out of a hole in the ground at the bottom of the cayon]

Mike: It's happening!

[Mike steps on Scrat's head as he runs. Followed by two other teenage boys, Scott and Duncan]

Sierra: Wait up, boys!

[Scrat grabs onto the girl Sierra's leg. Sierra tries to shake him off and ends up with a panicing Scrat on her head]

Mike: The baby's coming! The baby's coming!

Courtney: Hey! Watch it!

Ryan F-Freeman: What's the rush, Mike?

Mike: We're having our first child!

Scott (Total Drama): Code Blue! Code Blue!

Duncan (Total Drama): Or pink if it's a girl.

Mike: Having a baby! Having a baby! Whoo-hoo! I'm coming, Zoey!

[Mike trips and drops the bucket of water he was carrying]

Scott (Total Drama): Incoming!

Duncan (Total Drama): We've got it! Heads up!

[Duncan and Scott catch the bowl just before they all go over a cliff]

Mike: [sighs with relief]

Scott (Total Drama): [sighs with relief]

Duncan (Total Drama): Phew! That was close!

[Sierra runs towards with Scrat on her head, panicing. She manages to get him off and bumps into the boys, knocking them off the cliff]

Ryan F-Freeman: I'll save you, Mike!

Matau T. Monkey: No, Master Ryan. This film has the plot line of Ice Age 3. So, they are doing what the Ice Age characters did.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok.[pick up Scrat] I hope he know to find an acorn.

[Scrat scurries off. Meanwhile, the boys and Sierra bounce between two trees on the way down and Mike ends up with the bucket on his head and Sierra on his back]

Mike: Zoey! Zoey! Zoey, Where are you? Where am I?

Zoey: [laughs] Mi-hi-ike!

Mike: Huh?

[Sierra falls off Mike's back]

Mike: Oh.[removes the bucket] Hi, Sierra.

Zoey: Mike, I told you. It was just a kick.

[Duncan and Scott collapse]

Mike: Oh, right. Phew! Wow. [to Zoey's tummy] Oh, you really gave Daddy a scare. Daddy got silly. Daddy fall down cliff and go boom boom boom boom! Silly daddy! Yeah. [to the crowd] Sorry, guys. False alarm. It was just a kick.

Crash Bandicoot: [sighs] It's ok, Mike.

Courtney: You know who'd I'd like to kick?!

Justin (Total Drama): That's the third false alarm this week.

Crash Bandicoot: Ok, Justin. Let's go to see what the Dazzlings are up to.

Sierra: Okay. Show's over. Break it up. Break it up. [looks at Heather] Oh, I see someone else who has a butt in the oven.

Cody Fairbrother: Hey! Heather's not having a baby![bonks Sierra on the head]

Sierra: Ow! That's too bad! She'd make a wonderful parent!

Cody Fairbrother: Oh really?[hits Sierra with a Siren Pendant]

Sierra: Ow! Where did you get a Siren Pendant??

Zoey: Mike. I know you're excited. I am too. But you're getting a little carried away.

Mike: Okay, okay. Boy, you're starting to sound like Lightning. Wait a second, where is Lightning?


Brian the Crocodile: Why are you waiting, Lightning?

Lightning (Total Drama): Sha-shush.

[Brian the Crocodile nods]

[Lightning jumps into the air and chases a gassel]

Brian the Crocodile: Oh, brother. [follows Lightning]

[The chase continues until Lightning becomes tired]

Brian the Crocodile: I'll get you, gassel!

Gassel: Ha! Ha, ha, ha! [beatboxes] Whoo! My hooves are burnin', baby, they are burnin'. Hah, ha! Look at this, I gotta tiptoe, I gotta tiptoe. Eat my dust, Crocodile and human. Whoo-hoo!

[Lightning takes one last exhausted swipe. Meanwhile, Mike and Zoey walk along, Mike covering Zoey's eyes]

Zoey: Now? [grunts] Can I look now?

Mike: Easy. Don't freak the baby out.

Zoey: The baby is fine, Mike. It's the freaked out Daddy I'm worried about. [removes Mike's hands from her eyes]

Mike: Nu-uh-uhh! No peeking.

[Zoey shuts her eyes]

Mike: Vola! Playground for junior.

[Zoey opens her eyes and stares in awe]

Zoey: It's amazing.

Mike: Yeah. It's still a work in progress. A few rough edges here and there.

Zoey: Mike. You're not trying to baby-proof nature are you?

Mike: Baby-proof nature? Get outta here. That's ridiculous.

Zoey: [sees a mobile] Wow, Mike!

Mike: Ryan and I made it for you. For our family.

[Sierra sees it]

Sierra: Hey! Why aren't I up there?

Ryan F-Freeman: Sorry, Sierra. I hope I'll make one for you.

Duncan (Total Drama): Ahem. Ice Age 3 plotline. Remember.

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh yeah. Thanks, Duncan. [clears his throat]

Scott (Total Drama): You could be on ours.

Duncan (Total Drama): You'll fit right in.

Sierra: Thanks.

Zoey: Mike. This is the world our baby is going to grow up in. You can't change that.

Mike: Of course I can. I may not be the biggest thing on Earth but I am the smartest.

Zoey: Alright, tough guy. I can't wait to see how you handle the teen years.

Mike: Sierra. I don't want you to touch anything. This place is for kids. Are you a kid?

Sierra: [opens her mouth to say something]

Mike: Don't answer that.

[As Mike holds the tree trunk gate, Sierra touches snow sculpture of Cody. It's head comes off and she puts it back, the wrong way up and then saughlters past Mike]

Mike: Lightning! There you are! You missed the big surprise.

Ryan F-Freeman: Hi, Brian. You missed the big surprise too.

Lightning: We'll sha-check it out later.

Brian the Crocodile: Yeah. I love it. I'll go with him, Dad.

Zoey: Something's bothering Lightning. Maybe you should go talk to him, Mike.

Mike: You know, Zoey. Guys don't talk to guys about guy problems. They just punch each other on the shoulder.

Zoey: That's stupid.

Mike: What?

Ryan F-Freeman: Mike. Remember the Ice Age 3 plotline.

Mike: Okay. Okay. I'm going.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Mike. [to Zoey] Have you thought of a name for the baby, Zoey?

Zoey: Not yet.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. I hope that my son Brian is ok.

[Brian sits with Lightning]

Thomas: Hey!

Brian the Crocodile: Hi, Thomas. How's my dad?

Thomas: Great.

Mike: Hey, Lightning! [punches him]

Brian the Crocodile: What? I think it's part of the Ice Age plotline.

Mike: Of course it is. [punches Lightning again]

Lightning(Total Drama): Hey! What's Sha-wrong with you?

Mike: Nothing. Just wanted to ask you what's gotten you in low spirits.

Lightning (Total Drama): Well, I was sha-thinkin' that sha-soon it might time for me to sha-head out.

Mike: What are you talking about?

Brian the Crocodile: About what a saber tooth tiger said to Manny, Mike.

Lightning (Total Drama): Yeah. I don't want to get too sha-involved in the whole baby situation.

Brian the Crocodile: I do. Ever since I was created by my dad.

Lightning (Total Drama): Well, sha-not me.

Mike: So you guys don't want to get too around my kid?

Lightning (Total Drama): Sha-no!

Brian the Crocodile: I liked kids, Mike.

Lightning (Total Drama): Ya sha-takin' this the wrong way.

Mike: No, go. Go find some adventure, mr. adventure guys. Don't let my boring domestic life kick you two in the butt on the way out. [walks away]

Zoey: So?

Ryan F-Freeman: How did it go?

Mike: That's why guys don't talk to guys.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. I hope my granddaughter and my three siren friends are here.

Zoey: Why? What happened?

Ryan F-Freeman: You don't want to know, Zoey.[looks to see Jessica and the Dazzlings] Here they come now.

Mike: Lightning and Brian are leaving, Zoey.

Jessica Fairbrother: You hear that, Adagio?

[Adagio nods and notices Ryan's pendant shimmers]

Sierra: Huh? So what if they leave.[notice the Dazzlings] AAGHH!!! Sirens! Don't let them get me, Ryan!

Ryan F-Freeman: Sierra. They're good now. It's okay.

Sierra: Phew. [notices a pendant Ryan's wearing] AAAHHH!!!! You're a siren too?!?!

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes but I'm not like a siren from Equestria.

Sierra: Phew. How did that pendant fuse into you, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Well, I remember the time when Adagio told me.


Sci-Ryan: Is Ryan a siren like you, Adagio?

Adagio Dazzle: Yes.

Ryan F-Freeman: Wait. What? Why am I a siren like you, Dagi?

[Adagio holds a sign that says "Because that pendant you're wearing is a part of you."]

Ryan F-Freeman: What?! My pendant??

[Ryan looks at his pendant and screams]

Ryan F-Freeman: What happened to me?! How did it fuse into me?

Adagio Dazzle: Well, Ryan, when you put on your pendant it fuses with you. But when you take it off, it turns back to normal.

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh, good.

[The flashback ends]

Sierra: Wow! Thanks for telling that. I'll be going then.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Sierra. See you. [picks up an acorn] Nice acorn. At least it's not a Foundation Element.

Matau T. Monkey: I do believe that's Scrat's acorn your holding.

Ryan F-Freeman: Uh oh.

[Scrat and Scratette climbs on Ryan and swipe the acorn. Sierra walks up to Lightning and Brian]

Sierra: Hi, Brian and Lightning.

Brian the Crocodile: Hi, Sierra.[sighs]

Sierra: Well, you know that Flurry Heart is looking at Ryan. Plus, is it just the three of us.

Brian the Crocodile: No, Sierra. It's not the three of us. Just you and Cadence's and Shining's second daugter.

Sierra: What?

Brian the Crocodile: [flies off] Bye, Sierra.

Lightning: See you sha-later, Sierra.

[Sierra watches as Brian and Lightning fly off and two Mini-Cons Jetstorm and Slipstream arrive]

Slipstream: Hi, Sierra.

Sierra: Hi, guys.

Jetstorm: What are you and Flurry Heart doing and what's wrong?

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