(The heroes drive to the Magic Carpet Airways and get out of the car)

Grammi: (in Duchess's voice) That's the magic carpet?

Rick: He'll be fine. He's a professional. (A pilot, whose name is Izzy comes out, humming and gasps) Izzy!

Izzy: Aah! (He goes back in and closes the door, whimpering)

Rick: (lock clicking) Hey!

Evelyn: He definitely remembers you.

Rick: He's a little shy.

Joy: Hmmm. Maybe not. (in Flora's voice) What do you think?

Strudel: (in Fauna's voice) I think so. What do you think, Cookie?

Cookie: I will pull him out with my teeth.

Alex: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. This is not what we'll do to him.

Rick: Franklin, go and get our bags.

Franklin: You bet.

Rick: Jonathan, help Franklin.

Jonathan: Oh, my hands are full.

Rick: Now.

Jonathan: Right. I'll help Franklin.

Rick: I'll deal with the flight details. (shoots the lock with his gun)

Gruffi: Oh, Cubbi. If only we could save you.

Grammi: There, there, Gruffi. We'll find him and also our friends.

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