The Baron's Revenge Part 1 is the sixteenth episode of the second season of Power Rangers Harmony Force.


Ivan Ooze and the Baron trapped the Harmony Force Rangers on a mysterious dessert where not all is as it appears.

Twilight, Jarrod and Camille babysits Flurry Heart/Timber Spruce visits

One day, Twilight Sparkle was spending the day babysitting her baby niece, Flurry Heart with some help from Jarrod and Camille. Then, Timber Spruce payed a visit.

Ivan Ooze's new evil plan/Vypra resurrects the Baron

At Ivan Ooze's Lair, He came up with a new plan to get rid of the Harmony Force Rangers. Soon, Vypra begins the resurrection ceremony of the Baron.

Meeting with Ransik and Professor Utonium/The Powerpuff and Rowdyruff Charms

Back on Earth at Crystal Prep Academy, Twilight and her friends met with Ransik and Professor Utonium. Then, The professor showed them the Powerpuff and Rowdyruff Charms.

Ivan Ooze and the Baron casts the spell/The Tree of Harmony is going dark

Suddenly, Ivan Ooze and the Baron were casting a spell. Then, The Tree of Harmony was going dark.

Gathering the Elements and Charms/Ivan Ooze's Generals attack the city

At that moment, Twilight, Blossom, Brick and their friends gathered the Elements of Harmony and the Powerpuff and Rowdyruff Charms as Zordon foretold of them needed to be added on the Tree of Harmony. Suddenly, Ivan Ooze's Generals were attacking the city.

West Wind warned the Harmony Force Rangers about the Baron/Telling the story

Then, The West Wind warned the Harmony Force Rangers about the Baron who'd Ivan Ooze joined forces with. Then, She told them the whole story about him.

Protecting the Tree of Harmony/Diabolico and Loki fought Olympius and Vypra

Then, Ransik's company were send to protect the Tree of Harmony from any evil. Then, Ivan Ooze's evil generals came as Diabolico and Loki fought Olympius and Vypra.

Zen-Aku, Jindrax and Toxica fought Onikage and the Org Generals

Until then, Ivan Ooze's evil generals came as Zen-Aku, Jindrax and Toxica fought Onikage and the Org Generals.

Ivan Ooze and the Baron banishes the Harmony Force Rangers

But Suddenly, Ivan Ooze and the Baron casted a spell casting the Harmony Force Rangers out of this city.

"Where are Twilight and the others!?"/Stuck in the Desert of Doom

So, Twilight and the others were nowhere to be seen at all. As for them, They got themselves trapped in the forbidden place known as the Desert of Doom.







  • West Wind told the Rangers that the Baron was Unico's Enemy from long time ago he defeated him.
  • Professor Utonium give to the Harmony Force Rangers by the items called the 24 Powerpuff and Rowdyruff Charms and insert in the Tree of Harmony and the Elements of Harmony along.
  • Ivan Ooze will use his Resurrection to the Baron.
  • Baron sends the Harmony Force Rangers in the Desert of Doom.
  • The Storyline continues in The Baron's Revenge Part 2.


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