This is how the battle begins in The Beginning of the Chronicles III.

[Soon a whole entire army of Gungangs come out to the fields of Maretonia]

Captain Tarpals: Halt! Starting up the shield!

[One of the Gungans then presses a button and a huge shield surrounds the Gungans]

[then from the top of a hill, we see the Droid army tanks appear]

Battle droid: OPEN FIRE!!

[Tanks fire at the forcefield]

[we then see the duke, duchess, Gruff, Brian, and the others walking through the city.]

Sylveon: Kids, once we get inside, you find a safe spot and stay there.

Eevee: Sure.

Sylveon: Stay there.

[then they blast a tank]

[then everyone starts firing their blasters as the team race in and Gruff and Brian activate their Lightsabers]

Battle droid: Roger, roger!

[soon the team reach the entrance and reach through the doors]

Viceroy: I thought the battle was going to take place for from here. This is too close.

[Soon the battle is at the hanger]

Gruff: Eevee, you and your siblings find cover! Quick!

Duchess: Get to your ships!

[the pilots they hop into their ships and take to the skies, Chopper then hops into one of them as Eevee and his siblings jump into the same ship]

[several more ships take off as everyone continues destroying the droids]

[meanwhile in spaces several Droid fighters are sent to take out the Naboo ships]

Bravo Leader: Fighters straight ahead.

Pilot: Roger, Bravo Leader.

Female Pilot: Roger, Bravo Leader.

[Soon the ships get in a dog fight with droid ships]

[back at the Gungan battle]

Battle droid: Sieze fire!

Jar Jar: Steady, steady.

[they stop fire and then some other tanks open up and several droids are deployed]

[Back in space, the battle still continues]

Viceroy: Activate the droids.

Pilot: Yes sir. [he then presses a button and then the droids roar into life]

Captain Tarpals: [gulps] [to Jar Jar] Ouch time!

[the droids all march forwards and then fire their blasters]

Captain Tarpals: FIRE!!

[Catapults fire some blue orbs and shut down the droids]

{back in the hangar]

Duke: My guess is the Viceroy's in the throne room.

Panaka: Red group! Blue group! Everybody, this way!

Eevee: Hey, wait for us!

Gruff: Eevee, you and your siblings stay where you are. You'll be safe there.

Eevee: But..

Sylveon: Stay in the cockpit!

Eevee: Yes, Mom.

Rodney: We'll stay with them, while you guys find the Viceroy!

Sylveon: Keep them safe!

Fender: Consider it done!

[Rodney and the others hop into the ship]

[but when they reach the doors, they open up and Savage Opress is standing there]

Gruff: We'll handle this.

Duchess: We'll take the long way.

[everyone splits up as Brian and Gruff step forward and they remove their robes as Savage Opress does the same]

Chopper: [beeps]

[3 Droidekas then show up and fire their blasters]

Umbreon: We've got to help them!

Savage Opress: [grabs the hilt of his lightsaber and it deploys 2 red blades!]

[Gruff and Brian then deploy their own Lightsabers]

[they clash their sabers as the Droidkais and the others keep firing]

Vaperoen: Maybe we can use this ship's turrets to destroy those robots things!

Glaceon: Eevee, you won the race, do something!

Eevee: I don't know! I've never driven one these before! [he then trips on a lip] Whoa! [hits a button which starts up the ship]

Espeon: Hey, what's going on?!

Fender: The ship's moving!

Flareon: Eevee, what did you do!?

Eevee: I don't know, I just pressed that button!

Rodney: Close the cockpit! [pulls a lever which the cocpit closes]

Piper: Where's the trigger for the turrets!?

Glaceon: Here it is! [grabs the turrent joystick]

Eevee: Here we go! [turns their ship towards the Droidkais] FIRE!!!

Glaceon: [fires the turrents ad ddestroys the droidikais]

Duke: Let's go!

Fender: Uh, why are we still moving?

Leafeon: Eevee, turn this thing off!

Eevee: It won't turn off! It's on auto-pilot!

[the others racer down a hallway, while the ship takes off]

Eevee: Hang on, we're going for a ride! [puts on his aviator helmet]

[back in the hangar, Gruff and Brian continue to duel Savage]

[Then Savage Force throws an object at controls to a door causing it to open]

[the three then come into a huge room and pause for a moment then continue clashing their sabers as Savage Force leaps onto another walkway then Gruff and Brian follow]

[meanwhile, the others are racing down the hallway to the throne room, only for more droids to appear and draw fire at them]

Duchess: We don't have time for this, darling! [blasts down a droid]

[Back in space, Eevee's ship flies into space]

Chopper: [beeping]

Rodney: Look! That's where the ship's taking us!

[Back to the gungan battle they're still battling the droids, till a battle droid lands on Jar Jar's back. Though he manages to throw it off he kicks it making it stuck to his foot and it's gun is blasting.]

[in space the ships try to shoot the control ship, but aren't having luck]

Bravo Leader: The deflector sheild is too strong!

[Then a ship is shot down]

Espeon: Whoa!

Eeevee: Chopper, get us off this autopilot. It's gonna get us all killed.

Chopper: [beeping]

Eevee: You did it Chopper! Okay, let's go left.

Chopper: [beeps]

Eevee: Go back?

Jolteon: Gruff and Mom told us to stay in this cockpit and that's what we're gonna do.

Crank: Kid you better think of something fast! We got company!

[3 droids ships are now chasing them]

Glaceon: They're gonna blow us out in space!


Eevee: I'll try spinning. That's a good trick. [starts spinning their ship]

Rodney: WHOA!!!!

[but the 3 ships are still on their tail]

Chopper: [beeping]

Eevee: I know we're in trouble. Just hang on!

[back in the place]

[the shootout between the droids and the team continues and then Joe breaks open a window with his shotgun]

Joe: Go!

[they then all stop onto the ledge and then fire grappling hooks at the upper level and then onto the next floor]

Cleveland: [blasts the window open with his shotgun] It's clear!

[they then jump in and race down the hallway]

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