This is how the battle continues in The Beginning of the Chronicles III

[we return to Gruff, Brian, and Savage Opress' duel]

[As they duel, Savage then kicks Brian over the side]

Brian: UH!

[falls down but grabs the ledge of another walkway]

[then Gruff punches Savage and he falls onto a lower level]

Savage Opress: Uh!

Gruff: [jumps down and they continue clashing their sabers]

Brian: [takes out his own lightsaber and activates it and then Force leaps up to the walkway and races to help Gruff]

[The 2 are still clashing]

[then they come to a doorway where it closes every few minutes]

[the doors then close separating Gruff from Savage and Brian from Gruff]

[The 3 stopped for a while]

Savage Opress: [starts pacing]

Gruff: [gets on his knees and meditates]

[back at the Gungaun battle, the droid then destroy the Gungan's sheilds!]

Captain: [whistles]

[all the Gungans than race away]

Jar Jar: Retreat! Retreat! [hides under a piece of debris] Dis is nutsen.

[but then the object Jar Jar is hiding under moves]

Jar Jar: O-O-Oh! [grabs on the cart and climbs onto it] Uh-oh. Big boomers. [but then the back end pops off and sends the blue blues rolling down the hill] Uh-oh! Aah! [runs down the hill]

[the blue balls then start hitting tanks and droids and shuts them down.

Jar Jar: Hey! Hey! Give me a lift! [another Gungan grabs him] Aaah! Oh! [but then one of the tanks blasts the creature he's riding on and it sends him flying] Aaah! [lands on tank turret]

Captain: Jar jar, usen da boomea!

Jar Jar: What? Mesa no have a booma!

Tarpals: Here, taken dis one! [throws it]

Jar Jar: [catches it but has trouble keeping a good grip on it.]

[then the tank's hatch opens and a droid pops out, but Jar Jar loses the ball and it hits the droid shutting it down. the tank then turns around as Jar Jar hangs on the terret]

Jar Jar: AaH! Oh! Help me!

Captain: Jar Jar! Jump, Jar Jar, jump!

[he grabs Jar Jar's foot but Jar Jar slips from the turret and they fall to the ground]

[back in the palace]

[the team continues racing down the hall but then they are surround by Droids and Droidikais]

Duke: Put down your weapons. They win this round.

[they then drop their wqeapons]

[back in space]

[A droid fighter shoots our heroes!]

Espeon: Oh no, we're hit!

Eevee: Aah!

[their ship is now spinning and then they fly into the hanger]

Rodney (as Nigel): EVERYBODY HOLD ON!!

[they continue spinning and then they fly into another room]


Eevee: I'm trying to stop! I'm trying to stop!

[It stops]

Chopper: [beeps]

Leafeon: [sighs of releaf] Finally, we've stopped.

Glaceon: But we've got bigger problems! [points out to several droids outside]

Espeon: [shrieks] Eevee, get us out of here before they blow us up!

Eevee: I can't! Everything's overheated! [tries to get their ship flying again]

[back to the duel]

Brian: [activates his Lightsaber]

[the doors then open up and Gruff and Savage activate their Lightsabers and clash their sabers]

Brian: [races down the hall only for the doors to close again, separating him from Savage and Gruff]

[Gruff and Savage continue clashing their Lightsabers as Brian watches]

[but after several clashes, Savage elbows Gruff]

Gruff: Uh! [drops his Lightsaber]

[then Savage stabs him!]

Gruff: AH!

Brian: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Savage takes his Lightsaber out of Gruff and walks away and Gruff falls to his knees and then falls to the ground]

Brian: [growls]

Savage Opress: [starts pacing again]

[at the Gungan battle]

Captain Tarpals: Oh, gibing up General Jar Jar. We musa think of something!

Battle droid: Hands up!

Jar Jar: My give up. My give up.

Captain Tarpals: [groans]

[in the palace]

[the droids then bring the team to the Viceroy]

Viceroy #1: Your little insurrection is at an end, Your Highnesss. Time for you 2 to sign the treaty and end this pointless debate in the senate.

Duke: [spits on his face]

Viceroy #1: [slaps him]

Peter: Enough of this crap!

[Peter then fires Petey]

Viceory: Duck! [takes cover]

Peter: [fires rapidly]

[then the Duchess opens a secret compartment in a throne chair and then takes out some compact blasters]

Duchess: Dear!

[she then throws the men and the Duke the blasters and then they all shoot down the droids]

[then they all surround the Viceroy]

Panaka: Jam the doors!

[they shut the door as they all point their guns at the Viceroy]

Duke: Now, Viceroy, we will discuss a new treaty.

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