This is how the battle comes to an end and how the ending happens in The Beginning of the Chronicles III.

[we return to Brian and Savage]

Brian: [growling as he pants]

[the 2 then activate their Lightsabers as the doors open, then Brian starts clashing his saber with Savage's]

[Then in rage, he destroys Savage's lightsaber leaving only one blade and duels him feriously but Savage force pushes him down!]

Brian: AH!

[he then grabs a the side of the wall of the hole]

Savage Opreess: [kicks Brian's Lightsaber down into the hole]

Brian: No!

[back in the droid's control ship]

[The ship]

Eevee: We have power! Shields up!

[the droids fire their blasters but the shots are deflected]

Glaceon: Take this! [starts shooting the droids down]

Umbreon: Let's klick these robots' butts!

Glaceon: Yeah! [fires big shots which strikes the reactors and then they explode!] Oops.

Viceroy Pilot: We're losing power. There seems to be a problem with the main reactor.

Viceroy: Impossible! Nothing can get through our shield!

Espeon: [shakes Eevee] Eevee, let's get going!

Eevee: You got it! [he then flies the ship out as the whole thing starts to explode]

[Out in space the ship's rings blow up]

Pilot: What's that? It's blowing up from the inside!

Bravo Leader: We didn't hit it.

[inside the Evolution's ship continues flying through the ship as it continues exploding]

Eevee: Now, this is Podracing.

Chopper: [whistles]

Leafoen: Eevee, can you forget about the Podracing stuff and just get us out of here!?

Eevee: Hold on! 

[His brothers, sisters, and the robots scream as they make it out the hanger with the exploshion coming behind them]

Eevee: Whoa!

[The pilots are all cheering from their victory and the ship explodes]

[Back on the ship, they all notices something it was a big snake!]

Flareon: There's a big snake in the ship!

Jolteon: Oh, that's just ma' pet snake, RJ.

Espeon: I hate snakes, Jolteon! I hate them!

Jolteon: C'mon! Show a little backbone will ya?

[The ships are flying to the planet, and down there all the droids shut down]

Jar Jar: Uh, was'n they doing?

Captain Tarpals: The control ship has been destroyed! Look! [pushes one done]

Jar Jar: They all broke-ed.

[Soon all the gungans cheer for victory]

[back in the room, Brian continues to ahng from the side of the hole as Savage swings his Lightsaber]

Brian: [panting]

Savage Opress: Huh?

[then Gruff's Lightsaber shifts]

Brian: Yah! [he then Force leaps up then grabs Gruff's Lightsaber with the Force and then slice Savage]

Savage Opress: Uh!

[he then falls down the hole and as he falls, his split body is revealed]

[Brian deactivates the lightsaber and runs to Gruff]

[Music score "Boo's Going Home" starts playing]

Gruff: No... It's.. It's too late.

Brian: No.

Gruff: Brian.. Promise.. Promise me you will train the Pokemon.

Brian: Yes, Master.

Gruff: Train them. Promise... [he dies]

Brian: No... no. [he then softly weeps]

[then a big ship arrives in Naboo]

Duke: Now, Viceroy. You're going to have to go back to the senate and explain all this.

Duchess: And you can kiss your trade franchise good-bye.

[As the Viceroy board the ship, Senator Palpatine steps out]

Palpatine: We are indebted to you for your bravey, Brian Griffin. And you, Evolution family. We will watch your carrer with great interest.

Duke: Congradulations on your election, Chancellor.

Palpatine: Your boldness has saved your people, your Majesties. It's you who should congradulated. Together, we shall bring peace and prosperity to the Republic.

[Then suddenly the Crystal Prep Girls appear]

Sugarcoat: Eevee!

Eevee: What are you brats doing here?

Jolteon: You want another trash talk rematch?!

Inidgo Zap: No, we came to apologise.

Espeon: We don't wanna hear anyth... What?

Lemon Zest: We're sorry! Okay?

Umbreon: Are you sure?

Sour Sweet: Yes. We heard that you saved Naboo, so Palpatine decided to take us because we and Sebulba are free from Slavery!

Eevee: Sebulba. What?!

Sebulba: Congragulations, kid.

Sugarcoat: He's resining from racing and is focusing on his music career.

Leafoen: You are a musician?

Sebulba: Yes, I am a musician.

Leafeon: I am a fan to hard rock musicians my whole life!

Eevee: What about Celebi, Mew, Manaphy, and Jirachi?

Mew: You really think we're going anywhere?

Eevee: Guys! Your here I don't believe this.

Celebi: Yeah, Jabba freed us and now we're free!

Sunny Flare: Hey, where did that brown dog go?

Eevee: Funeral's tonight.

Sugarcoat: Funeral?

Master Shake: Gruff was killed by a Sith Lord.

Indigo Zap: WHAT?!

[That night]

Luke: You train them?! I deny it!

Brian: I'm keeping my word from Gruff.

Luke: [sighs] Fine. But I sense great fear in him Brian, you are warned.

Brian: I doubt there is evil inside of them.

[At the funeral]

[we now see Gruff being cremated]

Jar Jar: [whimpers]

Glacoen; [sniffs] Poor Gruff.

Eevee: Brian, what is to become of us now?

Brian: The Council has granted me permission to train you guys. You will be Jedi, I promise.

Sylveon: Please, be my husband.

Brian: What?

Sylveon: I know you had a rough life, stay with us. You can live with me and my children.

Brian: Who are you?

Sylveon: I'm Sylvoen.

Starkiller: There's no doubt that mysterious being was a Sith.

Luke: There's always 2. A Master and a Apprentice.

Starkiller: But which one is destroyed? The master or the apprentice?

Luke: I don't know.

[The next day, there was a parade]

[we see Gungans playing trumpets and then we see Jar Jar coming off a alien]

[in the main throneroom the Duke and Duchess hand the Boss Gungan a blue orb]

Boss Nass: PEACE!!

[Everyone cheers]

Sebulba: Hey everybody of Naboo! I Sebulba will give you a tune!

[Everyone cheers, but when Sebulba plays a trumpet everyone stops cheering but he then plays again]

Crank: Well there goes our happy ending.

Fender: No, it's a fushion of jazz and funk. It's called "junk".

Manaphy: Well, I like it.

[the Jar Jar starts clapping and then he picks up some garbage can lids and starts using them like cymbols]

Chopper: [makes some tuneful beeping sounds and whistles]

[Soon the robots start making sounds and the Gungans join in with their trumpets]

Espeon: Diesel. Me, Leafeon, and Glaceon made you something special.

[they hand him a box and he pulls out a shiny new voicebox!]

Diesel: Get up offa that thing,

and dance 'till you feel better, Get up offa that thing, and dance 'till you, sing it now!

[Everybody] Get up offa that thing, and dance 'till you feel better,

[as they continue singing Jar Jar starts dancing, as Brian and Sylveon then accidentally kissed but returned it]

[As the song is still playing. The Eeveelutions are dancing with the Crystal Prep Girls.]

Sour Sweet: I love you Sebulba!

Umbreon: Yeah? Well give Diesel a promotion to! He's singing the song.

Jolteon: You gotta love it! [he puts his paw on Lemon Zest's back and sccidently shocks her]


Jolteon: [takes his paw off her] Sorry.

[Then Wonderbot throws a Battle droid head at the audience ending the film as he chuckles]

[The film ends with "Into the West" playing during the credits]