This is how the battle of the heroes and villains in Noby Ran Away from Home: The Musical.

Sophia: STOP!!!

Okay, I had enough
Now this means war
Between good and evil
Well it has begun
[The Villains]
The war has just begun
[Sunset Shimmer]
What should we do to stop them?
How are we go against our friend and the enemies?
There is way to defeat them
By teamwork that’s how
We can work together to defeat
The villains once and for all!
Get THEM!!!
[Twilight Sparkle]
I don’t think so
I’ll use my magic to send them flying

Twilight Sparkle: [used her magic to make the soldiers disappear]

Thomas: Good one, Twilight.

Tish: Yeah that was good.

Twilight Sparkle: No mention it.

Tino: It’s not over. We have to defeat all the villains and Sophia to save Noby and Sue will win him back.

Sunset Shimmer: Right, let’s do it!

Tino: I was hoping you’ll say that.

[Tino and Sunset Shimmer fused together to form Tino Shimmer]

Tino Shimmer: Let’s go guys!!

Ash: Alright!

I don’t think so
I’ll use my Pokémon to finish you guys off
We’ll see about that!
How’s this!

Cera: [knocks Jessie into the rest of Team Rocket]


Littlefoot: Way to go, Cera!!

Lor: Yeah, you’re the best.

Cera: No mention it.

Shido: Alright, Tino Shimmer and I will handle the guards. [gets trapped] WHOA!! Oh, great!! Now what?

Kurumi: Oh Shido.

Tino Shimmer: Kurumi!!

Kurumi: Well, what do we have here? Looks like Tino Tonitini and Sunset Shimmer had fused together to make Tino Shimmer. Oh well, I’ll have the power inside Shido now.

Mana: I don’t think so!! [punches Kurumi]

Kurumi: How dare you!?

Tino Shimmer: [kicked Kurumi] Ha! To easy! Alright Mana, time for you to finish her off!

Mana: Right.

Kurumi: I’ll be back.

Mana: [killed Kurumi]

Shido: Thanks

Tino Shimmer: No problem.

Mana: You’re welcome big brother.

Darla: I don’t think so! I’ll get rid of you guys once and for all!!

Ash: Not if Origami and me around!

Origami: How’s this! [used her laser to blast Darla]

Ash: Pikachu, thunderbolt!!

Pikachu: [used thunderbolt]

[Pikachu’s thunderbolt and Origami’s laser combined together and send Darla flying]

Ash: Nice work Origami!

Origami: Thanks, you too.

Soldier: Get that little girl!

Yoshino: Don't hurt me, please!

Carver: Stay behind me! I'm covering you! If I stop covering you, it means I'm dead. But that ain't gonna happen.

[an arrow fire]

Carver: [fires triple Gatling gun] Take that! I'm a wicked warrior cool dude! [fires rockets] Damn!

Tino Shimmer: [kills the soldiers] Well that’s done!

Facilier: Okay Tino Shimmer, let’s see what you got!

Tino Shimmer: Well see about that, Dr. Facilier!!

[But the fusion worn off, and Tino Shimmer defuse back to Tino and Sunset Shimmer]

Tino: What!! What just happened?!

Sunset Shimmer: That fusion must have worn off!

Tino: DAMN!! We have to fuse again!

Facilier: Not so fast!! [traps Tino]

Sunset Shimmer: TINO!!!

Facilier: You can’t fuse with each other! Now all I need to do is to deliver you to Mephiles and you’ll be his prisoner!!

Sunset Shimmer: I got news for you Shadow Man! If you hurt my boyfriend, you’re messing with me!!

Facilier: [gasps]

Sunset Shimmer: [smashes the charm]

Facilier: No! No! Gah!! How am I going to pay back my dept! [gasps] Friends!

Spirits: ARE YOU READY?!!

Facilier: No! I’m not ready at all! In fact I’ve got lots of more plans!

Spirits: ARE YOU READY?!!

Facilier: This is just a…mindless send back and a major operation…AAA!!!… Once I look for another spell we’ll be back in business! I still got that stupid kid locked away… I just need a little more time. [gasps] No! Don’t please no! GAH!!! Just a little more time! I’d promised I’ll pay yawl back I promise! [screams]

[A gravestone of Dr. Facilier appeared]

Sunset Shimmer: Tino!! Are…are you okay?

Tino: Yeah, I’m fine. Thank you Sunset Shimmer.

Sunset Shimmer: [blushing] No problem.

Tino: LOOK OUT!! [pushes Sunset Shimmer and himself out of the way, as the arrow was going right at them]

Sunset Shimmer: Why…thank you.

Tino: You’re welcome.

Two-Face: See how you guys like that.

Quackerjack: Now to finish you off!

Brock: I don’t think so! Go Onix.

[Onix came out]

Brock: Onix, use slingshot

[Onix swings the Crime Empire to their doom]

Kotori: Well that’ll take care of them!

Carver: I'm running out of gun and ammo! [fires his shotgun] Come and get some! You all gonna die!!!

Sophia: [sings]

Sue: Not this time Sophia!! [punches Sophia] This is you and me now, Sophia! I will not let you have Noby!!

Sophia: Alright then, let’s see who will win Noby’s heart this time!

Noby: Sue!

Sue: Don’t worry Noby! I’ll win you back. I’d promise!

Ash: SUE!!!

Sue: Okay guys! Leave Sophia to me, okay! I’ll win Noby back.

Shido: Okay, be careful.

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