The Battle for Berk and Equestria Part 3: Finding the Bewilderbeast is the third half of the season 10 finally of The Chronicles of Equestria and The Isle of Berk.


Last time, our heroes had found the Legendary Pokemon and they have joined forces with them, but after a breif battle they find the Great Solar Beast is still to much. So now they must try and find a Bewilderbeast in order to beat the villains.


Journey to the

We return to the team, as they are

The Bewilderbeast's liar

Back with the villains

Later, the villains have gathered a huge army of dragons and Orcs to prepare their attack on Equestria. Rasputin then sings about how they'll have Equestria under their command (In the Dark of the Night). And Bowser sings Hellfire.

Journey back to Berk/Yuna taken

Back with the team, Brian leads the way as the team make their way back to Berk. But then he notices Yuna is looking sad and asks what's wrong. Yuna explains that she's afraid that they'll lose the battle and she might lose her mother again; but Brian she'll survive, but someone might die. But she should never lose hope, then Brian picks up a scent and was the Carnotaurs. And they took Yuna!

Saving Yuna/The Dragon army

We see Yuna being taken to Bowser's lair. Then she is taken to the torture room. And then Black Hole comes in to interrogate her with her dagger. Nightstar then sneaks inside to save her. Then, after the chain broke her, dagger stung her but. Then Nightstar attacked Black Hole and soon rescues Yuna. Then the whole team flies back to Berk. But after getting home, they find the army of Dragons coming.




  1. In the Dark of the night - Rasputin
  2. Hellfire - Bowser
  3. Lord of the Rings 2: Wolves of Isengard

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