Here is how The Battle for Equestria and Take down the Leaders go in Yuna and the Battle of the Ten Armies.

Silverbolt: They come, Prince Thomas, in numbers and weapons far greater then our own.

Optimus Primal: Numbers do not win a battle.

Thomas: No, but I bet they help.

Then came the Arrival of the dark armies.

Metal Beak/Kludd: I take no interest in prisoners.

Nyra: Nor do I, Kill them all.

Shan-Yu: (as Burger-Beard) ATTACK!!!

The Armies charged and Airazor, Silverbolt, Gwaihir and the Great Eagles attack.

Uruk-Hai Captain: Look to the sky!

Thomas: Are you with me?

Boron: To the death!


The big fight begins.

Krader: (as Hugo) I think the cavalry's here!

Shuff: Wait. Is that Joe?

Golden Apple: Johnny?

Princess Yuna: John Smith!

John Smith: (punches one of the guards)

Guard: (some teeth fell out of his mouth)

With the guardians.

Magnifo: (gently dropped a brick and it fell onto the top of the guard's head) Oh, sorry. Sorry.

Krader: (chews some rocks, imitates an airplane and spits some rocks at the armies)

J. Thaddeus Toad: (making gun noise) BANG! BANG! BANG!

B.O.B.: (sees the grappling hook, pulls it and the guards fell into the sea)

(The Electroids builds a catapult and push it off the edge of the cliff)

Teslo: Steady, aim... Fire!

Zaptor: Are you sure if it works?

Volectro: Works for me!

With Dr. Cockroach, .

Dr. Cockroach: (panting)

Zazu: (caught in a trap) Let me out, let me out!

Dr. Cockroach: Let me in, Let me in! Please. Don't kill me.

B.O.B.: Drop 'em!

The Uruk-Hai turn to B.O.B..

One Uruk-Hai: Hey! Who's a blob?

B.O.B.: What are you talking to me?

Dr. Cockroach: (talking to the Uruks) Uh-oh, you call him a blob.

B.O.B.: Are you talking to me?

Dr. Cockroach: Shouldn't done that?


Dr. Cockroach: Now, they are for it.

B.O.B.: THEY CALL ME MISTER BLOB! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! (charges at the Uruks) Take that, And That! Take that, that, that and that!

The Missing Link: Whooo!

B.O.B.: In your yellow face. Woo, woo, woo!

Then, There was 9's signal.

14: Skyla! Release the Phoenix!

Princess Skyla: (fires her arrow and the Phoenix pops out and created a fire wall between the armies and Yuna, Edmond and Soren)

With the others.

Princess Yuna: Let's take the Leaders down!

Prince Edmond: I'm the one Shan-Yu wants! Soren, You take care of Metal Beak. And Yuna, That leaves you with Nyra!

Soren: Alright.

Dusty Crophopper: Be careful, Yuna.

Nyx: Good luck, You three.

Princess Luna: You don't have to take that risk unless you have to, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Don't worry about me, Mama. I can do this.

Princess Luna: Go! And be safe.

Yuna, Edmond and Soren sets off to take down the Leaders.

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