(The island is bathed in a warm glow. A tall silver-haired boy stands at the water's edge, staring at the sun's golden reflection on the water)

????????: This world is just too small.

(The sun sets and the scene switches to a cloaked figure carrying something in a white sheet under his left arm. The waves sound against the shore as a breeze sways his cloak. He stands on a sandbar connected by bridge to the main island)

????????: There, you see? An empty world, like a prison.

(He sets the sheet-covered form down onto a paopu tree that's bent sideways like a bench)

????????: I imagine you'll be right at home.

(Under the sheet, a blond-haired boy closes his dull blue eyes)

????: Hey, where am I?

??????: Who's there?

(A light shines in the darkness and pushes it away. Cloaked in the white sheet, the boy falls down through the water with a splash. The sheet glows brightly and leaves his body. He turns feet down and lands on a white platform. He stands up and surveys the platform with his blank eyes)

????: I'm a brand new heart.

??????: But this is-- Why are you in my heart?

????: The light brought me. I saw it shining in the distance...and followed it here.

(The boy holds a hand to his chest)

??????: Yeah. That was my light.

(The platform is shown with a large piece missing)

??????: But my heart is fractured. And now...the little I have left is slipping away.

????: Then you should join your heart with mine.

(Expression is absent from his heavy-lidded face)

??????: Huh?

(The platform fills in with light and becomes whole)

????: Now our hearts have touched. Nothing else will slip away. And one'll be strong enough to win back the part that already did.

??????: Right. Thanks.

????: It's time to wake up now. All we need to do is...

(Their two voices join as one)

??????: Open the door.

(The white peels away like feathers and reveals a blue platform of the boy. He looks upward and watches the pieces float away. Back on the island, the cloaked man walks away from the boy in the sheet. The boy lifts an arm up out of the sheet, and the man stops and turns around, giving a sound of contentment. A Keyblade flashes into the hand of the boy, glowing)

????????: A Keyblade!

(The Keyblade shoots a pillar of light into the sky. The man smiles and the boy slowly opens his eyes, the small points of light reflecting in them.


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