Narrator: Thebes, City of the Living crown jewel of Pharaoh Seti the First home of Imhotep, Pharaoh's high priest keeper of the dead birthplace of Anck-su-namun, Pharaoh's mistress. No other man was allowed to touch her. But for their love, they were willing to risk like itself.

(Pharaoh opens the door)

Pharaoh: (speaking Egyptian) What are you doing here?

(Pharaoh walk to Anck-su-namun)

Pharaoh: (pointing) Who has touched you?! (Pharaoh looks back and Imhotep draws a sword) Imhotep! My priest!

(Anck-su-namun stabs him and he groans and screams)

(Imhotep jabs him and he and Anck-su-namun)

(Bodyguards behind the door shout and thud the door)

Imhotep: (speaking Egyptian) Pharaoh's bodyguards.

Anck-su-namun: (speaking Egyptian) You must go! Save yourself!

Imhotep: No.

Anck-su-namun: Only you can resurrect me!

(Pharaoh's bodyguards opens the doors and walks towards them)

Imhotep: I won't leave you! Get away from me!

(Imhotep's priests take him away)

Imhotep: You shall live again! I will resurrect you!

(Bodyguards open the curtains and gasp)

Anck-su-namun: My body is no longer his temple!

(Anck-su-namun stabs herself)

Narrator: To resurrect Anck-su-namun, Imhotep and his priests broke into her crypt and stole her body. They raced deep into the desert taking Anck-su-namu's corpse to Hamunaptra, City of the Dead ancient burial site for the sons of Pharaohs and resting place for the wealth of Egypt. For his love, Imhotep dared the gods' anger by going deep into the city where he took the black Book of the Dead from its holy resting place.

(Priests chant in Egyptian)

Narrator: Anck-su-namun's soul had been sent to the dark underworld, her vital organs removed and placed in five sacred canonic jars.

(Anck-su-namun's soul flies to her body)

Narrator: Anck-su-namun's soul had come back from the dead.

(Imhotep shouts and the bodyguards have caught him)

Narrator: But Pharaoh's bodyguards had followed Imhotep and stopped him before the ritual could be completed.

(Anck-su-namun returns to the dead with apparition shrieking)

Narrator: Imhotep's priests were condemned to be mummified alive.

(Priests scream and groan)

Narrator: As for Imhotep, he was condemned to endure the Hom-Dai, the worst of all ancient curses, one so horrible it had never before been bestowed.

(One of the bodyguards cuts Imhotep's tongue and he screams)

(Bodyguards rap around him in the bandages)

(Bodyguards places him in the coffin and one of them walks towards him and pours the bugs on him)

(Imhotep muffles and screams)

(Second of them locks the coffin with a key)

Narrator: He was to remain sealed inside his sarcophagus--the undead for all of enternity. The Magi allow him to be released for he would arise a walking disease, a plague upon mankind, an unholy flesh eater with strength of ages, power over the sands, and the glory of invincibility.

(Title: Winnie the Pooh vs The Mummy)

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