Here's how the birth of Princess Skyla goes in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures with The Avengers.

Shining Armor: Keep it up, Honey. You're doing just fine.

Doctor: Alright, Cadanza. I'm gonna need you to push as hard as you can.

Cadance: Alright. Here it comes! [she groans in pain as she pushes]

Doctor: It's coming! I can see it now!

Shining Armor: Alright, Honey. Give it all you got!

Cadance: [strains]

[we then here a crying sound]

Doctor: It's a filly!

[the Doctor then shows a young alicorn filly]

Shining Armor: She's beautiful, sweetheart.

Cadance: Thank you.

[Soon Shining Armor opens the door]

Shining Armor: Okay. You can come in now.

[Everyone walks in the room, with Cadance holding the foal in her arms]

Espeon: Aww. She's just the cutest little thing.

Cadance: Thank you, Espeon.

Rheneas: So have you thought about what her name's gonna be?

Cadance: Actually, I think I have.

Duncan: Really? What is it?

Cadane: "Skyla".

Puffer: Skyla?

Rachel: I really like that name.

Jenny: Me too.

Shining Armor: Very well, will call her Skyla.

[Skyla yawns and nuzzles to Skyla's arms]

The ponies: Awwww.

Princess Celestia: She's a very nice foal.

Cadance: Yeah, and will make great parents.

Belle: Hey Cadance, can I ask you something?

Cadance: What is it?

Belle: Can I be Skyla's godmother?

Cadance: Belle, that's a great idea! Of course you can be Skyla's godmother.

Belle: Thanks.

Cadance: Anytime.

Princess Celestia: You know, Belle. I can sense the Force strong inside of you.

Belle: You can?

Princess Celestia: Yes. You, along with Ariel, and Jasmine.

Jasmine: So?

Princess Celestia: Well, there's no fool in you three. So how about, I train you 3 the ways of the Force?

Ariel: You mean will get to use those fancy laser swords?

Princess Celestia: There "Lightsabers". And yes, you get to use those.

Belle: Well, I'm in.

Ariel: Me too!

Jasmine: I guess it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot.

Judy Hopps: Hey, what about me? I wanna learn the ways of the Force, and get a Lightsaber too!

Princess Celestia: Well, I can't train you, with three Princesses to train, Judy.

Princess Luna: Don't worry, young Hopps. I will help you learn the ways of the Force.

Judy Hopps: You will?!

Princess Luna: Of course. Besides, I can sense your born with then Force too.

Judy Hopps: Oh, thank you!

Princess Luna: Your welcome.

Twilight: If only Luke was here to hear about this. He would be excited to see Skyla, and you four being trained as Jedi.

Edward: Don't worry Twilight, I'm sure he's sensing this right now.

Twilight: I hope so.

Toad: But I wished that Mr. Solo was here.

Oliver: Don't worry Toad, he's in a better place now.

Scootaloo: Yeah, he's part of the Force.

Douglas: But he doesn't have a lightsaber.

Scootaloo: Oh yeah, that is true.

Sweetie Belle: But he was still a great ally.

Apple Bloom: And a good smugler.