Here's how the birth of Sunlight and Chris makes up his actions in Revenge of the Giant Chicken.

[At the medical enter, Celestia is breathing deeply]

Doctor: Okay, push!

[Celestia pushes as hard as she could as she's moaning and groaning, till finally...]

Doctor: It's here! [shows a young white alicorn with a golden mane and tail] It's a girl.

Princess Celestia: A girl? Let me see her.

Doctor: [hands over the foal and Celestia holds her in her arms. And he comes to our heroes] You can all come in now.

[Our heroes come in the room and are in awe for the sight of the foal]

Fluttershy: She's so cute!

Shining Armor: What are you gonna call her?

Barret Barricade: I do have one idea, "Sunlight".

Princess Celestia: Barret. That's perfect. We'll call her "Sunlight".

[Then Sharon walks in]

Princess Celestia: Sharon, come meet your little sister.

[Sharon walks in and inspects Sunlight]

Sharon: Hi. I'm Sharon, Sunlight. I'm your big sister.

Sunlight: [baby talks]

Sharon: Hi. [rubs her]

Sunlight: [giggles]

Sharon: [alughs]

[Then Chris walks in

Chris: Guys. [sighs] I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause all of this. It was Ernie, he made me cause all of this...

Brian: Chris, it's alright. We know it's not your fault.

[Then Death appears]

Death: Congratulations Chris, you have managed to succeeding of taking down your dark future ahead of you.

Chris: I couldn't have done it without you, Death.

Death: Ah. It was no problem. May the Force be with you. [disappears]

[Then it sideswipes to Chris entering a big room where Ernie is being held]

Chris: You... are the most sadistic, psychotic, sociopathic, chicken, I have ever seen. You like to make lives miserable, you like to destroy lives, you like to kill other villains, so you can be the only ruler in the galaxy. Death told me about what our future was. You and Diane Simmons love to make out, Sideshow Bob, Bobby Briggs, and the Dazzlings are officers, the Clone Equines have yellow shining armor, bigger guns, ships, and vehicles, everyone are slaves, and Princess Celestia, her new daughter: "Sunlight", Blythe Baxter, Princess Ember, and Kitty Katswell are inquisitors. But I don't have to fear you anymore. You're gonna be interrogated, and then will be executed. [he prepares to leave]

Ernie: As long as I live, I will always control you.

[Chris leaves as Ernie closes his eyes and it sideswipes back to the Jedi temple being rebuild]

Thomas: Thanks for coming here to repair the Jedi Temple, Bob.

Bob: Oh, it's no problem, Thomas. Once we get this temple rebuild, it'll be a nice museum [heads back to work]

Sunset Shimmer: (holds Chris) I love you.

Chris: You're the only thing I have left in this world, I promise.

Sunset Shimmer: Really? Then maybe this will keep your promise.

[The 2 then kiss as the camera zooms back as the construction work still goes on. And finally, the film ends with "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith end credits" playing in the background]

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