Here's how the birth of Sunlight and Chris makes up his actions in Revenge of the Red Diesel.

[Back on the Space Duke in the medical center as T.C. (now in a wheelchair) with Hugs pushing him come into the room]

General Dedrich: Ah good to see you son. You had me really going there.

T.C.: I'm fin,e dad. But I'm wheelchair bound for 2 weeks.

General Dedrich: Ah, I figured you needed a break from all this crazy fighting you lot do all the time.

[Then we see Chris coming out of a room some of the crew watching "Independence Day" and he watches a little bit and then...]

Brian: [mimicking David] It's like in chess. First you strategically position your pieces. Then, when the timing's right, you... strike. See? They're positioning themselves all over the world,... ...using this one signal to synchronise their efforts, and in approximately six hours, the signal's gonna disappear and the countdown's gonna be over. (mimicking Marty) And then what? (mimicking David) Checkmate.

[The crew look at him as he did the voices and he looked at them]

Chris: I like "Independence Day". [then he notices the others, and he turns to them] Guys. [sighs] I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause all of this. It was Alter, he made me cause all of this...

Brian: Chris, it's alright. We know it's not your fault.

[Then Death appears]

Death: Congratulations Chris, you have managed to succeeding of taking down your dark future ahead of you.

Chris: I couldn't have done it without you, Death.

Death: Ah. It was no problem. May the Force be with you. [disappears]

[Then they come to the landing dock and they see the others land with the captured Jedi from the Equinelantis Jedi Temple but Sabine slams her helmet on the ground and she tearfully walks pass them]

Brian: Sabine? Hey, what's wrong? Sabine!

[Chris, Sunset Shimmer, Thomas, Percy, Twilight, the royals, Brian, Sylveon, Puffer, Jenny, Hugs, and T.C. look to the others coming out and see that Kanan is no where to be seen]

Ezra Bridger: Kanan's gone.

Brian: Gone? What do you mean he's gone? You mean he's been captured?

Ezra Bridger: No! He's gone.

Penny Ling: [in tears] He.... he... he... sacrificed himself by saving us from a exploding fuel pod.

[Ezra buries into Brian's chest as he hugs him. As Sylveon walks up to Hera who looks through the view port and she holds her hand]

Sylveon: Hera. Are you alright?

Hera Syndulla: No.

Wilson: Wait a minute, Mucker! You can bring him back just like before!

Mucker: No, I can't.

Brewster: What? Of course you can!

Mucker: No, I can't.

Koko: Yes, you....

Mucker: Guys! Don't you get it?! I can't bring him back because that was my only DNA sample of him!

Wilson: Mucker.

Mucker: Guys, I'm sorry. I wish I can go back in time to get another one, but I can't. I hate to say it but... there's nothing I can do.

Russell Ferguson: Then that means, he's really gone.

[Then there was a funeral at Lothal where we see equines lightning their horns and people holding candles, as four Triceratops are pulling Kanan's coffin to a cemetery with the ghost crew in front of them and our heroes behind the dinosaurs pulling the coffin with some mournful faces and tears streaming down, with Kanan's body holding his lightsaber. Then it sideswipes to the sky with a text saying "3 months later". And then a ship flies by after the text disappears to the Jedi temple with is being rebuild]

Thomas: Thanks for coming here to repair the Jedi Temple, Bob.

Bob: Oh, it's no problem, Thomas. Once we get this temple rebuild, it'll be a nice museum [heads back to work]

["The Avatar's Love" resumes playing]

Sunset Shimmer: (holds Chris) You were really brave.

Chris: Yeah, I sure was. But I wish Kanan was here to see it though.

Sunset Shimmer: But if it wasn't for him, the others wouldn't be here.

Chris: Yeah.

Sunset Shimmer: But I'm still mad that you've killed all those younglings.

Chris: Really?

Sunset Shimmer: No.

Chris: Then maybe this can cheer you up.

[Sunset Shimmer turns to face Chris. Chris turns to face her and Sunset Shimmer passionately kisses Chris who returns it and they embrace each other as they kiss. Cut to a shot of them still kissing with the sun on the horizon and the Jedi Temple in the background as the camera pans up to the sky. The words "The End" fade in. Fade to credits]

["Viva la Vida" begins playing as we then see several clips of the Jedi Temple now a newly rebuild museum, and then some people laying flowers on Kanan's grave, then several shots of our heroes playing in Zootopia park. And then we come to the Centaurous kingdom as the servant gives Cera a card and she opens it, and it shows Brian a picture with a message as Cera gasps, and smiles with tears in her eyes. Then it shoots to Chris standing at a binary sunset, as Sunset Shimmer walks up holding a baby in her arms, and then we come to Godzilla swimming towards a volcano island and walks to it ready to battle somebody. And then we come to Brian and the others walking down a road to their house and the film ends]