The Birth of Twilight Sparkle's Son is one of the shorts written by Iamnater1225.


Princess Twilight Sparkle is pregnant! Everyone was excited. Even Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose, Princess Twila and Princess Nyx who're going to be big sisters. Twilight gave birth of a colt named Prince Flashlight.

Twilight is Pregnant/Lilly, Twila and Nyx are going to be big sisters

One great morning, Prince Flash Sentry and Princess Twilight Sparkle has just informed Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose, Princess Twila and Princess Nyx that they're going to have a baby foal. Lilly, Twila and Nyx were excited that they're going to be big sisters, They arrived at Skylands in Yuna's new kingdom and explain the news to the others. Dusty and Ishani spread the news in their home and in Radiator Springs. Yuna was very happy for Lilly, Twila and Nyx becoming big sisters, She decided to open her very first banquet in her palace. Later, Iago and Zazu gives away invitations.

Baby Shower

The next day, Twilight was having a baby shower in her kingdom. Yuna, Lilly, Twila and Nyx were the first ones to present some gifts, Yuna brought a stroller, Lilly brought a crib, Twila brought a changing table and Nyx brought a cradle. Cinderella was granted permission from Twilight to begin her role as a godmother to her foals. Flash was delighted to have one of the disney princess as a godmother. After the baby shower, Twilight we packing her things to get ready for her trip to the hospital. Just then, Twilight goes into labor and Flash quickly took her to the hospital.

The birth of Prince Flashlight

At the hospital, Dr. Joshua Sweet was here to help Twilight deliver the baby. Twilight started her breathing and pushing. The baby was finally born and was a boy, A newborn colt. And he was given the name, Flashlight. Flashlight was named after a flightlight.

Meeting the new baby

The next morning, Princess Cadance, Prince Shining Armor, Night Light and Twilight Velvet arrived with Skyla, the Royal Crusaders, Lilly, Twila and Nyx to come and meet the new baby. Twilight was so happy to have four foals to look after. It was the happiest moment of her life.




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