Here is the Transcript for The Birth of the New Prince.

One great day, The Crystal Empire was celebrating the baby shower for the new foal.

Princess Cadance: Are you girls excited to see the new baby soon?

Princess Skyla: We sure are, Mommy.

The Royal Crusaders: Royal Crusaders! Big Sister! Yay!

Shining Armor: Anyway, Yuna. Thanks so much for the gifts.

Princess Yuna: You're welcome, Shining Armor.

Hiro: This is an exciting day for Shining Armor and Cadance.

Princess Luna: Indeed it is, My husband. First Flashlight and now they're having a newborn

Prince Isamu: (giggles at Armor Bride)

Armor Bride: Peek-a-Boo! Peek-a-Boo!

Princess Skyla: I'm so excited with the new baby, Mommy.

Princess Cadance: I am too, Sweetie.

After the baby shower.

Shining Armor: Are you almost packed?

Princess Cadance: (packing her things) Just about done, Shining Armor.

Shining Armor: Great, Rapunzel will take care of the girls while we're gone.

Princess Cadance: (goes into labor) Shining Armor! It's here!

Shining Armor: The baby? Oh no! We better hurry!

Rapunzel: See you soon!

Princess Skyla: Bye!

Armor Bride: Let us know when the baby's here!

At the hospital.

Dr. Stable: All right, Princess Cadance. We're ready to for you to breath push.

Princess Cadance: (breathing) I don't know I can do this!

Shining Armor: You can do it, Cadance. Just one big push!

Princess Cadance: (pushing)

Prince Tyrone: (cries)

Dr. Stable: It's a colt!

Princess Cadance: We had a colt. (as Dr. Stable passes Tyrone) What should we name him?

Shining Armor: Tyrone.

Princess Cadance: Tyrone, That's perfect.

Prince Tyrone: (opens his eyes)

Princess Cadance: I think he likes me.

Shining Armor: He sure does.

Prince Tyrone: (embraces his mother)

Princess Cadance: Hi, Tyrone. I'm your mommy.

Later that day.

Princess Skyla: Mommy! Daddy!

The Royal Crusaders: It's the new baby here?

Rapunzel: Easy, Girls. Let's not get excited.

Princess Cadance: Girls, I'd like you to meet your new baby brother, Tyrone.

Prince Tyrone: (embraces his big sisters)

Princess Cadance: That's right, Tyrone. These are you big sisters, Skyla, Armor Blade, Sweetie Heart, Scander and Britney Sweet.

Princess Skyla: Hello.

Armor Blade: Hi, Tyrone.

Sweetie Heart: Isn't she cute?

Scander: Adorable!

Britney Sweet: Just like us when we were babies.

Prince Tyrone: (snuggles near his mother)

At the Crystal Empire.

Princess Cadance: We're home.

Princess Skyla: Welcome home, Tyrone!

Princess Cadance: It's been quite sometime since we've got home.

Shining Armor: At least the family's together again.

Princess Cadance: (puts Tyrone in her crib)

Prince Tyrone: (sleeping)

Armor Bride: Welcome home, Mom.

Scander: We've missed you.

Princess Cadance: I've missed you girls so much. Time I rest up a bit. (rest her hooves)

When Cadance resting her hooves, Tyrone began to cry.

Prince Tyrone: (crying)

Princess Cadance: (takes her baby) Shh. It's okay, Tyrone, Mommy's here.

Prince Tyrone: (calming down)

Princess Cadance: Yes, Mommy's got you. (humming "You'll be in My Heart")

Prince Tyrone: (snuggle next to his mother)

Princess Cadance: (placed a music box next to her bed and bottle feeding Tyrone)

The music box plays Jurassic Park theme.

Prince Tyrone: (sucking his bottle)

Princess Cadance: (burping Tyrone)

Prince Tyrone: (burps)

Princess Cadance: (rocking Tyrone)

Prince Tyrone: (sleeping with his mother)

Princess Cadance: My little Tyrone. (kissed her baby in the cheek)

                                                                                The End

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