Here's how the Biskit's twins defeat goes in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures of Littlest Pet Shop: Blythe's Big Adventure.

Whittany: Okay, Brittany. Let's do it!

Brittany: This will teach Blythe to say "no" to us!

Russell: Oh no! (rolls up into a ball) (makes noises)

Brittany: Aah! A porcupine! (scream; back up, only to fall off the catwalk)

Russell: (grabs buckets tied to Biskit twins with ropes; tone is angry) I'm a hedgehog!

Brittany and Whittany: (screaming; open their eyes, realizing they're only hanging a short distance above the stage and have made idiots of themselves in front of a live audience)

Brittany: Uh. Like, phew.

Whittany: Yeah! That was a close one.

Russell: (lets go of buckets, causing contents to spill all over Biskit twins)

(Crowd laughs)

Brittany and Whittany: (scream; run away, clearly humiliated)

(Dogs bark, then begin to chase the twins)

(Crowd cheers)

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