The Blue Arrow is a toy train in How the Toys Saved Christmas.


In the move, the Blue Arrow in the main toy train seen in the display in Granny Rose's shop. The train set consists of an Engine, 2 coaches, a 3 man crew: Driver, Brakeman, and guard. It even comes with a set of tracks. The toys use the Blue Arrow for transport in the film. When they leave the shop they place the tracks down the cellar stairs and lift the train on and then also couple the Skipper's ship on the rear coach. While the smaller toys ride inside the train, Holly and Polly the dolls ride on top. While Jiggles leads the way. Once Theo the teddy bear is deliveried, they journey down the streets but then the train gets stuck in puddle. Using a construct-crane they lift the train out. But then later when crossing the the town's streetcar tracks, Jiggles looses the scent. So the pilot flies ahead in his plane to search for something to help. But then a streetcar comes rolling along, the toys flee but the brakeman notices the train's still on the tracks so he races back and manages to drive the train clear at the last second.


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