This is how the Blue Harvest Moon and Mal's second appearance goes in Moon Madness of Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Total Drama: All-Stars.

[Somewhere on the island]

Cameron (Total Drama): Mike, why'd you break my glasses?

Mike: [surprised] What?! I didn't! Who told you that?!

Bertram T. Monkey: There's dark forces at work here.

Ryan F-Freeman: Bertram. Don't say things like that in front of the contestants. We agreed to keep this a secret, remember?

Bertram T. Monkey: Sorry, Ryan. But, Master Xehanort and Zoey made me and Cameron promise not to say she saw Mike do it.

Matau T. Monkey: Bertram!

Bertram T. Monkey: Sorry, Matau.

Mike: Seriously? Aw, man. I don't know what's been up with me lately. I haven't been able to summon my other personalities for days. And now I think I might be sleepwalking and breaking things and... [sighs] I'm so sorry, guys.

Ryan F-Freeman: It's ok, Mike. And going by my time with Sunset and the Dazzlings, we forgive you.

Vixyner: And we promise we'll help you figure it out. Whatever it is. Right, Cam?

Cameron (Total Drama): You bet. [smacks into a tree]

Mike: You're great friends, guys. Even you, Cam. [realizes he's not there] Uh, Cam?

Ryan F-Freeman: Mike? I was wondering why I can't be able to summon my other personalities?

Mike: I don't know. Maybe something's stopping you.

[At the confessional]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. Something or someone is stopping me. I think I can wake them up. [bumps to a wall] Ow! Dang wall. Is that right, Chestan? That's weird. [combs his hair back] Hey, Rito! My hair is combed. Come and get it! Rito? [starts shacking] Anypony?

[Back to the challenge]

Crash Banicoot: We can still help Mike with his problem though, Ryan. With or without your other personalities.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. And did Mike swiped Matau's picnic basket as well? And Megatron's T-cog?

[Bertram picks up Cameron]

Bertram T. Monkey: You okay, Cameron?

Evil Anna: Let me give him mouth-to-mouth.

Jessie Primefan: What are you waiting for then? Do it!

[Evil Anna breaths into Cameron's mouth and he wakes up]

Sci-Ryan: Nice, Evil Anna. He's awake.

Matau T. Monkey: Thank my master's mentor, you're alright.

[Sierra arrives carrying Xemnas]

Sierra: Don't worry, Cody. I'll be your eyes and ears and as many nostrils as you need me to be. [to Cameron] Same thing for you, Cody.

Xemnas: Wait. What?

Cameron (Total Drama): Cody? She means Cameron and Xemnas. Right, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah.

Sierra: [gasps and points at the moon] Look.

Crash Bandicoot: [looks at the moon] What about it?

[The moon turns blue]

Evil Anna: A blue moon?

Vyxiner: Amazing.

Crash Bandicoot: Glad that we're not effected.

[Mike suddenly gasps and Mal appears]

[Evil Ryan twitches his eye]

Evil Ryan: Malfunction!

Crash Bandicoot: Evil Ryan?

Evil Ryan: What?

Vixyner: [acting like Sierra] Oh my gosh! This is cool. I can't take my excitement and...[breaths in and out] Did anybody got a paper bag I can breath into? [gasps] Oh Ryan's mentor! Xemnas! I dreamed for this moment. Only with Jessie Primefan.

Ratchet: Wait a second. The moon is affecting our behaviour.

Ryan F-Freeman: Like what, Ratchet?

Ratchet: Don't you see? Vixyner's behaving like Sierra. It's causing us to act our opposites. The same thing has happened to the animals on the island.

Crash Bandicoot: Our opposites?

[Ryan's eyes turn into Dark Ryan's]

Ratchet: See?

Matau T. Monkey: Well, Jessie. I think you could know the new Sunset, but instead Vixyner is the new stalker Sierra.

Jessie Primefan: Yeah.

[The song Sierra's German song starts playing]

Vixyner: 1, 2, 3~

Slap my knee~

My wife to be, her name is Jessie~

Four, five, six, kick up sticks~

My spark won't fizz without my Jessie fix~

7, 8, 9, straighten your spine~

Spin to see Jessie, looking so fine~

10, 11, 12, nothing rhymes with 12~

Guys want Jessie~

[points to Jessie Primefan] But, her butt is mine!~

Jessie Primefan: What? Me?

Sci-Twi: [laughs like Midnight Sparkle]

Sci-Ryan: Twilight? You're now Midnight Sparkle?

Sci-Twi: You are right. My boyfriend and I didn't understand magic before. But, we do now.

Crash Bandicoot: Wait. What will happen to Gloriosa? Gaia Everfree is a part of her. If she don't overcome her...

Gloriosa Daisy: She'll make a thorny wall like last time and trap the campers in it.

Sci-Ryan: Gloriosa? Am I not effect by the blue harvest moon? You got your geodes?

Gloriosa Daisy: Yeah.

Xemnas: Gloriosa Daisy, answer this. Why is Gaia a part of you?

Cody Fairbrother: [acting like Alejandro] I think it might be the geodes, Xemnas.

Ratchet: Cody? What happened to you?

Cody Fairbrother: It is because of that blue harvest moon.

Ryan F-Freeman: A blue harvest moon?

Ryan F-Freeman and Mal: How fortuitous.

[at the confessional]

Sci-Ryan: What is going on? Mike's acting weird. And some of my friends except, Xemnas, Jessie and I are effected by the blue harvest moon. Ryan probably hasn't been affected either.

[The camera changes to Mal]

Mal: Seems that this blue harvest moon has brought me back. Now, that I'm in control, I'll torment Ryan's friends a little. But, first, I have to sound like Mike. [clears his throat and imitates Mike's voice] Hi. I'm a bug-eyed weirdo and everybody loves me. [chuckles evilly, in his normal voice] Perfect.

[Back to the forest]

Sci-Ryan: Ryan? What happened to you?

Ryan F-Freeman: I'm fine.

Crash Bandicoot: At least I won't call Alejandro "Al", Cody. Or is it Al?

Cody Fairbrother: I do not know.

Crash Bandicoot: Boy. At least you make a good Alejandro Dead Donkeys.

Sci-Ryan: [laughs] At least, Cody. The blue harvest moon made you the new Alejandro. [laughs]

Cody Fairbrother: I suppose you could say that.

Evil Ryan: Mike? Are you ok?

Mal: [coughs, disguising his voice] Just... you know. Sweet moon.

Bertram T. Monkey: Yeah. [to Ryan] I think you be ok, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. Ryan's gone! I'm Dark Ryan F-Freeman. And I'm a hero.

Bertram T. Monkey: What happened to you?

Ryan F-Freeman: Well, probably because of the moon, I'm acting like this.

Sci-Ryan: Not me. Xemnas is Xehanort's Nobody and I am protected by my geode and amulet.

Sci-Twi: Dark Ryan. My boyfriend is here. [kisses Ryan]

[at the confessional]

Cody Fairbrother: Wow. This blue harvest moon made us into other characters. Ryan is Dark Ryan, Vixyner is Sierra, Sci-Twi is Midnight Sparkle, I'm Alejandro and Mike is... some guy with his hair down. I don't know.

[back in the forest]

[Zoey smiles]

Matau T. Monkey: What's up with Mike?

Ryan F-Freeman: Maybe I dreamed about Jessie Primefan fighting Ryvine's Heartless. [to Jessie] What name did he say to you?

Jessie Primefan: Mal.

Evil Anna: Mal?

[The others shrug]

Ryan F-Freeman: [gains Dark Ryan's wings on his back] What's happening to me, Midnight?

Sci-Twi: You seem to be merged.

Sci-Ryan: Don't worry, Twilight. I can see the Midnight in you. She is someone else who's a friend.

Sci-Twi: No, Ryan. Midnight Sparkle is a part of Sci-Twi.

Evil Ryan: Ryan's merged with Dark Ryan? Wow. I hope you can transform.

Sci-Twi: That's right. I will always be a part of Twilight.

[Ryan see Sci-Twi transform into Midnight Sparkle]

Sci-Ryan: Whoa!

Ryan F-Freeman: [gasps as he sees Dark Ryan's horn appear on his head]

Evil Ryan: Ryan? You ok?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah.

[His hair flies upwards]

Sci-Ryan: Ryan? Your hair? It's... Um...

Ryan F-Freeman: It's fine.

Emmet: Uh, no it's not.

Ryan F-Freeman: What?

[Sci-Ryan puts his hand on Ryan's shoulder as he gains the fiery glasses around his eyes]

Sci-Ryan: You might be turning to Dark Ryan, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: You might be right.

[Matau goes over to Mal]

Matau T. Monkey: You okay, Mike?

Mal: [disguising his voice] Yeah, Matau. I am fine. What's happening to Ryan and Sci-Twi?

[Ryan smiles as he gains Dark Ryan's outfit and tail]

Evil Ryan: Ryan? I think we could find Gwen.

[Ryan nods and they head off]

Sci-Ryan: Ryan? What does Dark Ryan's outfit look like?

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Like Midnight Sparkle's only male.

Evil Ryan: And what's with the tail?

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: That's just for decoration.

Sci-Ryan: Twilight? Your boyfriend is here.

Midnight Sparkle: [gasps]

Crash Bandicoot: I guess this blue moon is making them act like Midnight Sparkle and her boyfriend.

Thomas: Well, that's new.

Midnight Sparkle: Dark Ryan? Is that you?

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Indeed it is my girlfriend.

Zoey: Wow.

Sci-Ryan: Guess we could let the two love birds on thier date while we catch up with the villains.

Vixyner: Yeah.

[Duncan ducks as a bird attacks him]

Duncan (Total Drama): Whoa! That's it! I'm out! [runs off]

[Mal watches as Cameron runs by. He grabs him and leans closer]

Mal: [disguising his voice] Come on, now's your chance to get away from Sierra.

Cameron (Total Drama): Won't that hurt her feelings?

Vixyner: Don't worry, Zoey! I'll protect you! [Hits a duck] Get away from my Cody!

Cody Fairbrother: No one touches my Heather!

Crash Bandicoot: Who is Cody's Heather and Vixyner's Cody?

[Dark Ryan points at Zoey and then at Nya]

Mal: [disguising his voice] Nah, she and the others'll be fine. They've got Zoey and those two crow-winged magic beings. Anyway, we should make sure there's no danger waiting up ahead.

Cameron (Total Drama): Well, if you're sure.

Mal: [disguising his voice while holding a stick] Hold onto this stick. That way we won't get separated. Come on.

[Mal runs off, dragging the stick and Cameron with him]

Evil Ryan: Guess OpThomas and we're not effected, Xemnas.

Xemnas: Yeah.

Crash Bandicoot: Hiya![smacks a beaver with his Keyblade]

Matau T. Monkey: Wait. Where are Mike and Cameron?

Bertram T. Monkey: Xemnas. Follow me to find Mike and Cameron.

[He does]

Crash Bandicoot: Sierra. I took care of that bird for you.

[Sierra gets up and hugs him]

Vixyner: At least Xemnas is my friend. But, he's no Cody. Did you know that Cody slept with a stuffed emu named Jerry until he was... uhh... Ok.

Sci-Ryan: Wow. [to Dark Ryan] I wonder why your hair is flying up like that?

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: That's just the way it is.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah. At least with Twilight...[feels Dark Ryan's cheek] You are a hero to protect Midnight Sparkle.

Midnight Sparkle: Yeah.

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: I hope we could win. Now, that I'm with you, Midnight. [kisses Midnight on the lips]

[Midnight blushes]

Sci-Ryan: I guess you're ok with Dark Ryan. So. How did you got Dark Ryan as your boyfriend?

Midnight Sparkle: You know, what happened at the Friendship Games.

Crash Bandicoot (EG): Run for you lives!

Sci-Ryan: Crash? What's got into you?

Crash Bandicoot (EG): Fluttershy's pet bunny is rebelling! It's rebelling!

Sci-Ryan: Angel?

Crash Bandicoot: You two got wings. Can you fly?

[Dark Ryan nods and they take flight]

Midnight Sparkle: I hope Duncan is ok.

[Meanwhile, Mal holds a bird in his hand]

Mal: Who wants to help me make someone else wet their pants with fear? Huh?

Jessie Primefan: Duncan? Did you hear that?

Duncan: Hold on a second.

Mal: [coughs, disguising his voice] Hi, Duncan, Jessie. Man, am I glad to see you two. I... uh... got lost.

Jessie Primefan: Yeah. But, where did Duncan, Riku and I know you from?

Mal: [disguising his voice] Uhh. Total Drama season 4? Ryan's Quest: Dream Drop Distance and Jessie Primefan's Adventures of Kingdom Hearts?

Duncan: No. We know you from somewhere else. I just can't put my finger on it.

[Mal brings out the bird which chases Duncan and Jessie away]

Jessie Primefan: RYAN!!!!

Duncan: Yikes!

Mal: [laughs evilly, in his normal voice] Toodles.

[Meanwhile, with the villains]

Ryvine Sparkle: Rothbart? You hope Xemnas is ok?

Rothbart: Yeah.

Megatron: Wow. Alejandro. I didn't know you could do handstands.

[Back to the heroes]

Sci-Rianna: Cameron! Bertram! Cody? Xemnas!

Casey Fairbrother: What about Mike? He's missing too.

[Rianna's eyes turn into Black Wing Rianna's]

Rianna F-Fiona: Whoa.

Madam Magianort: Are you okay?

Casey Fairbrother: What's happening to you, sis?

Rianna F-Fiona: I'm turning into Black Wing Rianna.

Sci-Rianna: Calm down, Rianna. I hope we could find Cameron while the blue moon is out.

Rianna F-Fiona: [gains Black Wing Rianna's wings on her back] I hope so.

[With Xemnas and Bertram]

Bertram T. Monkey: Cameron! Mike!

Xemnas: [gasps and points] Look!

Bertram T. Monkey: [gasps upon seeing Cameron surrounded by a pack of moon-corrupted bunnies] Cameron!

Cameron: Bertram!

[Human Pinkie Pie drops some meat topped cookies from the perch of a tree branch]

Ranyx: Hey, bunnies! [points to Cameron] This boy is not on the menu. How about some white meat, huh? Good for the heart.

Bertram T. Monkey: I thought Nobodies don't have hearts.

[The bunnies look at the cookie Human Pinkie dropped and nod]

Timon: [climbs onto Bertram] Guess I could be safe with you and the others.

[Human Pinkie Pie jumps down from the tree and throws more of her meat-topped cookies on the ground for the bunnies]

Rianna F-Fiona: Cameron! You're ok.

Cameron: Yeah. Rianna? What's happening to you?

Rianna F-Fiona: I'm turning into Black Wing Rianna.

Matau T. Monkey: Rianna? You think she's a part of you?

Rianna F-Fiona: [gains Black Wing Rianna's horn on her head] I think so.

Sci-Ryan: Whoa. A horn? I hope Dark Ryan is ok.

Rianna F-Fiona: Yeah.

Sci-Rianna: Let's just keep moving.

[Rianna's hair flies upwards]

Mattis T. Monkey: Uhhh. Master Rianna? Your hair is...

Rianna F-Fiona: It's fine.

Bertram T. Monkey: Yeah.

Mattis T. Monkey: Where's Ryan?

Sci-Rianna: And Sci-Twi?

Rianna F-Fiona: There they are.

[Dark Ryan waves at Rianna as he and Midnight Sparkle arrive]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Rianna? You ok?

Rianna F-Fiona: Yeah. And I feel magic. A good kind.

[Ranyx puts his hand on Rianna's cheek as she gains the fiery glasses around her eyes]

Ranyx: You're beautiful, Rianna.

Rianna F-Fiona: Thanks.

Mattis T. Monkey: Let's move.

[Rianna nods as she gains Black Wing Rianna's tail]

Madam Magianort: Whoa! You've got a tail!

Rianna F-Fiona: [gains Black Wing Rianna's outfit] That's just for decoration.

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Where's Jessie and Duncan?

Black Wing Rianna: [shrugs]

Vixyner: We could find them. Did you know that Black Wing Rianna is a Midnight Sparkle version of Rianna?

[Rianna nods]

Crash Bandicoot: Rianna? What does your Black Wing Rianna outfit look like?

Black Wing Rianna: Like Midnight Sparkle's.

Matau T. Monkey: Only the colours are different.

[With Duncan and Jessie who are still running]

Jessie Primefan: What are you doing, Duncan?! Aren't tough guys supposed to scared of nothing?!

Duncan: Yeah! But this is not how I wanna die!

Jessie Primefan: Me neither.

Batman (The LEGO Movie): And that is not how Batman dies!

[Sci-Ryan throws a meat covered worm so the bird follows it]

Jessie Primefan: Sci-Ryan? Where did you come from?

Sci-Ryan: I heard your screaming so I saved you. Look what happened to Ryan, Rianna and Twilight.

Jessie Primefan: Huh?

Sci-Ryan: The blue harvest moon made them that way.

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: That's right.

Black Wing Rianna: Absolutely.

Sci-Ryan: Who scared you off?

Jessie Primefan: We just had a bird chase us. Mike had it in his hand.

Duncan: Yeah. There's something off about him.

Crash Bandicoot: I know one thing. When Jessie was with Sora, Ansem is with a friend who possessed Clay. And I think his name is Mal, the seeker of Darkness.

Jessie Primefan: Huh?

Cody Fairbrother: Let me have a look. [puts his hand on Jessie's cheek and his eyes turn white]

[In Jessie's memories]

Sora: Kairi... Kairi's inside me?

Jessie Primefan: I think so.

Riku/Ansem: We know all that there is to know.

Jessie Primefan: Tell us. Who are you?

Riku/Ansem: It is I, Ansem, the seeker of darkness.

Clay Moorington/Mal (Ryvine's Heartless): And I'm Mal. [chuckles evilly] At your disservice.

[Cody's eyes turn to normal and Jessie looks around to see Zoey going over to a broken bridge]

Jessie Prinefan: Hey, look! There's Zoey!

Zoey: [sighs] The bridge is out. [as Mal sneaks up behind her with a club] How are we supposed to get across now?

Sierra: [off-screen] Hey, Mike, guys.

Crash Bandicoot: ZOEY! WATCH OUT!!

Mal: [hears her] What? [drops the club, disguising his voice] Hey, there you are!

Matau T. Monkey: [arrives with Sierra, Cameron and the others] Mike, where'd you go off to?

Mal: [disguising his voice] Sorry, Matau. A bear chased me away. But it's okay. I think I shook him.

Vixyner: But with the weird moon, wouldn't that bear be all sweet and cuddly?

Sci-Ryan: And did it give me hugs, you think Ryvine's Heartless might be a smitten kitten on Sorina?

Sonata Dusk: Ahem. [gestures to Sunset] She can hear you, you know.

Sci-Ryan: Sorry. 

Mal: [disguising his voice] Right, right. Oh. I'm an idiot.

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: How do we get across now? Xemnas can't fly and Sunset can't grow vines with her magic. Is there someone who can help us?

Gloriosa Daisy: Me.

Zoey: Gloriosa? But, we was hopeing to have Gaia Everfree with us.

Gloriosa Daisy: [brings out her geodes] I've got this.

Sci-Rianna: [holds Gloriosa's hand] Ok, Gloriosa. Go for it.

[Gloriosa puts the geodes on her neck then she and Sci-Rianna float into the air and gain wild blue hair, dresses that look like Midnight Sparkle's but with leafs, brown leggings and gloves, a flower on each foot, vines for hair-bands with green crystals on them, red eye masks, bushy green eyebrows and black eyes with green pupils]

Bertram T. Monkey: YIKES!!

Matau T. Monkey: [hugs Bertram] Hold me.

[Gaia picks up Matau]

Gaia Everfree: It's me, Matau.

Matau T. Monkey: Gloriosa? Is Sci-Rianna ok?

Gaia Everfree: Yeah.

Sci-Ryan: Sci-Rianna?

[Sci-Ryan see that Sci-Rianna has transformed into Gaia Fiona Everfree]

Gaia Fiona Everfree: Yeah.

Sci-Ryan: What happened to you?

Gaia Fiona Everfree: I am Gaia Fiona Everfree.

Sci-Ryan: Gaia Fiona Everfree? What does the rest of you look like?

Gaia Fiona Everfree: Like me.

Gaia Everfree: Only not her. She got my looks.

Sci-Ryan: Cool. [Kisses Gaia Fiona Everfree]

Gaia Fiona Everfree: [blushes]

Crash Bandicoot: Aw.

[She and Gaia use their magic to make a bridge of brambles]

Sci-Ryan: Wow. Nice job.

Gaia Fiona Everfree: Thanks. We know what we need to do. But, I feel like we're not on the same page. So...

[Sci-Ryan looks at her]

Collide Bandicoot: What's got into Sci-Rianna?

Sci-Ryan: The moon must be infecting her.

Crash Bandicoot: In who?

Sci-Ryan: Gaia Fiona Everfree.

Gaia Fiona Everfree: I like how this moon makes me who I am, Ryan. But, don't worry. I'VE GOT THIS!!!

Sci-Ryan: Uh, can we get moving?

[She leads the others over the bridge]

Xemnas: That is close.

Mal: [disguising his voice] Great job.

Sci-Ryan: While we catch up to the other villains, I'll let her sing a song.

Gaia Fiona Everfree: And I know the perfect one. Ahem.

[The song We Will Stand for Everfree starts playing as Gaia Fiona glides slowly and uses vines to defend herself from a gang of attacking moon-affected bunnies]

Gaia Fiona Everfree: I have waited for the day~

To send this greedy wolf away~

Now the magic is my salvation~

Gather close in my protection~

We... will... stand for Everfree!~

[She uses her magic to tie the bunnies to the ground]

Behold the beauty of nature in all its glory~

No need to fear the vultures at the door~

Right here you have me to protect you~

Within these walls of thorns~

For Everfree forevermore!~

[She creates a wall of thorns as a moon-corrupted bird attacks]

They have come into our domain~

Here to seal our camp in chains~

But we have held it for generations~

This is just a complication~

We... will... stand for Everfree!~

[She pushes forward and the bird is sent flying]

Trust in me, this is for your own good~

Don't be afraid~

Nature is our friend~

[A vine grabs an attacking squirrel by it's tail]

All of this beauty that surrounds us~

Every lovely bloom designed to defend~

Let them come! Just let them try!~

I'm not about to say goodbye!~

This camp will be here throughout the ages~

Written into the history pages~

We... will.... stand for Everfree!~

[She finishes off an attack duck just as Ryan Tokisaki arrives]

Ryan Tokisaki: Ryan! Sci-Rianna? [looks at her] Sci-Rianna? What happened to you or aren't your feet not touching the ground?

Gaia Fiona Everfree: Come on! We're almost there.

Bertram T. Monkey: The Villainous Vultures are in sight. But, where's Heather?

Sci-Ryan: [sees her run past] There she is.

[Duncan and Jessie run by]

Bertram T. Monkey: Hey, Heather! Wait up!

Heather: [still pretending to be affected] Oh, hi, Bertram.

Red (Angry Birds): Well. Guess the blue moon has made Heather a nice girl.

Radne: Obviously she's pretending. You can see the sarcasm in her eyes.

Zoey (Total Drama): Anyways, [clears her throat] there you two are.

[They run after them]

Sierra: [gasps] We still have a chance.

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Aria? Sonata? Adagio?

Aria Blaze: [still pretending] Yep. [to Sonata] Sonata, sorry if I kept calling you the worst. I didn't mean it.

Sci-Ryan: Huh?

Sonata Dusk: Yeah.

Evil Ryan: Wow. Told you Aria is nice to Sonata.

Evil Anna: What are you talking about? How can the moon affect her?

Bertram T. Monkey: [mimics Aria Blaze] Uhh. Go back to sleep, Evil Anna.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah.

Gaia Fiona Everfree: Yes, Ryan. My nature loving friend. [kisses Sci-Ryan]

Sci-Ryan: Aw.

Zoey: Quit making out, love-birds. We've got a challenge to win.

[The moon then glows yellow again]

Gaia Everfree: Wow. That passed quickly.

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah.

[Dark Ryan's eyes turn to Ryan's]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa. I'm changing back.

Midnight Sparkle: [notices her wings have disappeared] Me too.

Black Wing Rianna: [gasps] Me too.

Sci-Ryan: Cool.

Vixyner: I guess I could lie down for a while. [falls asleep]

[Mal breathes and turns back into Mike. He stops running as the others run by]

Mike: How did I get here?

Xemnas: Vixyner? [nudges him] Wake up, please?

Vixyner: [asleep] Zoey, I didn't know you had feel for guys like me.

Crash Bandicoot: He's dreaming.

Midnight Sparkle: [turns back into Sci-Twi] Huh? What happened?

Gaia Fiona Everfree: [turns back into Sci-Rianna] Whoa.

Sci-Ryan: Sci-Rianna.

Evil Anna: [carries Vixyner] I think we could carry him till he wakes up.

Gaia Everfree: [turns back into Gloriosa] Whoa.

Zoey: [to Mike] Mike, hurry!

Sci-Rianna: Where are my glasses? I can't see without my glasses!

[Sci-Ryan shows Sci-Rianna her glasses]

Sci-Ryan: Here they are. [puts them on her face]

Sci-Rianna: Thanks. What happened to us?

Xemnas: You change into other people.

Ratchet: He's right. And when the moon glow yellow, you turn back to normal.

Jessie Primefan: Yeah, Ratchet. We get it. [to Mike] Hurry up, Mike!

[Courtney and Gwen run past Mike]

Mike: Oh.

[He runs after them but the two girls cross the finish line first]

Ryanosa Daisy: And the winners are the Villainous Vultures!

Ryan F-Freeman: Mike!!!

Mike: What?!

Crash Bandicoot: [in sing-song] Ryan's gone angry.

Matau T. Monkey: Run for your lives!

Sierra: Nice line, Matau. That is what King Julien said in the movie Madagascar.

Matau T. Monkey: Thanks.

Bertram T. Monkey: Yeah.

Evil Ryan: Well. I guess we should calm Ryan down.

[Jessie goes to Ryan]

Jessie Primefan: Look, Ryan. You have to calm down. We'll help you to fix your alter personality change and help Mike with his problem.

Ryan F-Freeman: [sighs] Guess I was a bit hard. Who this Mal is, we could help Mike.

Vixyner: [asleep] Oh, Zoey. I really love you like I help Xemnas with our Kingdom Hearts.

Matau T. Monkey: We could form an alliance, Zoey. So Ranyx and Gaia can protect you from people like Mike.

Zoey: [scoffs] Like Mike would ever hurt me.

Ranyx: Matau is telling you. He's dangerous.

Evil Ryan: Says the Nobody of the Dazzlings' second leader.

Ranyx: Hey!

Vixyner: [groans] Did we win?

Thomas: No.

Ranyx: Vixyner? How did you get that pendant?

Vixyner: I just made it.

Matau T. Monkey: And does this make you... [reatches for Vixyner's pendant]


Matau T. Monkey: Uhh. Vixyner? You just grabbed my wrist.

Vixyner: [] Sorry. This pendant means a lot to me.

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