The Blue Ruby is a super powerful magic ruby that's colored Blue.
Blue Ruby


When combined with the Black Pearl, they both have a power like no other. Their magic can be used for many things, like increasing Alicorn's power, draining power from other equines, and many other things. And when combone with The Matrix of Leadership, they can turn other trains into transformers and even ressurect them. These rare gems are more powerful than the Elements of Harmony, the Crystal Heart, and even all the Princess' magic with the Elements and Rainbow Power combined. They were once used by the first alicorns that came on earth but many evil wanted to use thier power for evil instead of good. So they hid the Blue Ruby in Hamunatra while they hid the Black Pearl in the Pyramid of the Scorpion King for them to remian under safety. But then in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle vs. The Mummy, Mako found the Blue Ruby and took it with them. Then in the next film he showed it to the rest of our heroes while Spike tried to eat it, and Rarity tried to take it for herself, both thinking it was a diamond, Mucker stopped them in the nick of time and explained the story behind it and the Black Pearl. Later, in the pyramid our heroes found the Black Pearl and then Princess Clestia used them to increase her powers so she could kill Megatron and overthrow Chrysalis. Since then our heroes have used those gems for many things in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures Series and Brian Griffin's Adventures Series, even resurrected deceased Autobots. These gems are also more powerful than Tirek when he has all equines' [alicorns included] magic. Then they once used them to drain Trixie and Sunset Shimmer's powers to make them too weak to fight. Years after Yuna was born, our heroes used the gems to ressurect Snowdrop.

Then after Thomas became a Prime, he was assigned to protect them from Tirek. When the evil monkey horse found him, Thomas battled him and since he had the Blue Ruby and the Black Pearl on his side, they gave him the abiliity to fire beams of magic from his Gatling guns. They also protected him from Tirek's blast that almost killed him. Later on, the gems and the Matrix's powers combined and turned Thomas and a few of his friends into transformers.  Mouths later, when Hunter came to kill Thomas and killed Bumblebee, they used the gems to bring back Jazz and Bee. Since then, our heroes continued to use the Blue Ruby and the Black Pearl for many things,


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