The Boasting Professor is a new episode.


Professor M is hailed as a 'super genius' after he fixes a fault with Gordon's safety valve. he lets the attention go to his head, but when he tries fixing the turntable at the sheds, he fixes it too well, and James ends up stuck on an out of control turntable!


Professor M is noted as the best genius on Sodor, he's the one who built Philip, and helps Victor fix the engines at the Steamworks. He can also do maintenance at Knapford Station.

One day, Gordon is pulling the express, when suddenly, he begins to feel himself getting hotter and hotter, and his boiler rattling. He manages to stop, and his driver telephones Sir Topham Hatt, and Gordon is taken to the Steamworks, whilst Henry collects the express coaches. Victor checks the safety valve at least 3 times, but he can't find anything wrong. Professor M & Philip are called over, and Professor M notices a rusted bolt on it, which stopped it from working. He unscrews the bolt, and everyone is surprised, even Kevin, saying nobody ever would find a fault on a safety valve like that before. He says that it was lucky that fault was found; or Gordon would have blown his boiler. Gordon is impressed, and states that Professor M is a 'super genius'. Professor M is then



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