This is how the boat chase and Thomas catches Sailor John goes in The Space Racers' Adventures of Thomas and Friends: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.

[Our heroes arrive in the mountains. They see Sailor John departing]

Pinkie Pie: John is escaping.

Twilight: He'll complete his plan if we don't do something.

Skiff: You know Twilight. There is a way.

Thomas: And what would that be?

Skiff: Puffing into the water of course.

Thomas: WHAT?! Are you crazy? I can't swim.

Skiff: You won't have to. There are rails in these waters and you won't lose steam.

Thomas: [swallows] Alright. Here goes nothing. [puffs onto the watery rails]

Rainbow Dash: Awesome!

Twilight: Go on, Thomas. Go catch Sailor John.

Thomas: I will, Twilight.

Skiff: I'm with you. [drives into the water]

Applejack: Go get 'em, Thommy!

Rarity: Show that ruffiun what happens when he messes with steamies.

Thomas: I will! [steams off with Skiff close behind]

[The Ponies watch as the two disappear]

Kit (Tools Ball): [thinks for a moment] Ah! [bounces over the other Wonder Balls and brings them together] I think I have a plan to help Thomas, guys.

[Meanwhile, Thomas and Skiff are chasing Sailor John]

Thomas: Sailor John, stop.

Sailor John: Ha-har! No way, Hose-say!

Thomas: My name is Thomas.

Sailor John: Whatever your name is, you're not getting this prism. [speeds up]

Thomas: Skiff, we need to catch him.

Skiff: I have an idea. [chugs ahead]

Thomas: Skiff, don't!

[Skiff drives up beside Sailor John]

Skiff: John, if you don't stop, I'll easily smash you against those rocks.

Sailor John: Well, that's too bad. Because, you're about to smash into them. [bumps Skiff]

Skiff: [screams, smacks into the rocks]

Sailor John: [evil laughter]

[Thomas puffs up]

Thomas: Skiff, are you alright?

Skiff: I think so. [tries to move and feels a pain] Ow!

Thomas: [gasps] Skiff, you're hurt!

Skiff: No. I'm fine.

Thomas: No, you're not. We should take you to Ratchet.

Skiff: No. I can make it. You go.

Thomas: Alright, Skiff. [puffs away]

[Meanwhile, the Wonder Balls are setting up Dynamite]

Ang (Brush Ball): Why do we need all this dynamite, Kit?

Kit: Because, Ang, we need it to help Thomas.

Ang: [sighs]

Kit: Ang, look, I know you're frustrated but we have to help Thomas not matter what.

Ang: [sighs]

[Meanwhile, Thomas is chasing Sailor John]

Thomas: Sailor John! Give back the prism or I'll report you to Sir Topham Hatt!

Sailor John: No, you won't.

[They both speed up]

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