(The Adventure Team return to the HQ)

Christopher Robin: I see, you defeated Lazarus!

Tigger: YES, we did!

Christopher Robin: Alright then, come on..

(The team enter a room, which resembles a temple)

Christopher Robin: Now, that we've defeated our 1st major threat...

(Owl swoops in)

Owl: WE can open the book of adventures!

(The team gasps in shock)

Waffle: Really?

Christopher Robin: GO on, put yer hand on it!

(Pooh places his hand on the book)

(The book begins to glow, before it opens completely)

Christopher Robin: Pooh bear, do you & your team solemnly swear, that you'll help the powerless and the weak?

Pooh: I do.

Piglet: What is-is this book for?

Christopher Robin: This book is for when you need help on an adventure!

Rabbit: this book always has an answer!

Owl: Like, what to do, if a wizard captures ya with his forcefield!

Christopher Robin: How to activate this secret room!

Owl: And lots, LOTS more!

Owl: But for now, you've gotta get to Christopher Robin's goodby luncheon, before he leaves for boardin' school!

Gordon: THAT can be arranged...

Rabbit: Let's go, team!

Tigger: I'll TAKE the short route...

(Tigger begins to bounce towards the exit to Rabbit's garden)


Tigger: No need to shout, buddy-boy! Who-ho-ho!

(Fade to Christopher Robin's driveway at sunset)

Christopher Robin: I'll miss ya all...

Pooh: We will too, Christopher Robin.

Christopher Robin: I guess I better go...

(Christopher Robin walks to the bus)


(The bus begins to drive off)