The C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa
Moo Mesa
are a trio of heroic humanoid bulls who protect the wild west from evil.


Marshal Moo Montana: Leader of the C.O.W.-Boys and marshall of Moo Mesa. Courageous and quick on his hooves, Moo Montana "battles the bad guys and makes the West a safer place to graze". Lives by the Code of the West, which he seems to make up as he goes along. His horse's name is Cyclone.

The Dakota Dude: The soft-spoken muscle of Montana's posse, Dakota possesses a cool temperament and rarely gets mad, even in near-death experiences. His horse's name in Rebel and is scared of heights.

The Cowlorado Kid: The youngest of the group and a self-proclaimed ladies' man with a good singing voice, regardless of his skill with the lasso and guitar. Cowlorado isn't a deputy yet. His horse's name is Jesibelle.


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