This is where the CMC make their first wish in Stardust: The Wish Creator.

Apple Bloom: So, Stardust can you grant wishes?

Stardust: Wishes?

Sweetie Belle: Yeah.

Apple Bloom: Let's test it out. Ah' wish fer' a lot of candy apples!

Applejack: That's a dumb wish.

Apple Bloom: No, it ain't!

[they waited but nothing happened yet.]

Smudger: [laughs] I win! I told you it was all stuff and nonsense!

Penny Ling: Then what's that on Apple Bloom's lap?

[On Apple Bloom's lap was a candy apple!]

Smudger: Huh?

Stardust: Apple, apple, apple, apple, apple!

[more Candy Apples start appearing!]

Button Mash: Whoa! Apple Bloom's wish came true!

Smudger: It's only an illusion!

Rainbow: My turn!

Rarity: No, mine!

Applejack; Mine!

Evan: Um, don't y'all think Stardust is overdoin' it?!

[we then view one of the snack stalls, and we see the Candy apples on it disappearing]

Stall vendor: Hey? What's going on?

[Stardust continues making candy apples appearing]

Toby: Stardust, I think that's enough.

Thomas: STOP!! STOP!!


[The bus shakes and our hereos get spilled out along with the candy apples]

Evan: See? Ah' knew he was overdoin' it!

[then Tinkerputt and Marry rush over]

Tinkerputt: My goodness, what happened?

Smudger: Dumb Apple Bloom told Stardust to wish for hundreds of candy apples!

Apple Bloom: Hey! Who ya' callin' "stupid," ya generator on wheels?!

Marry: These are the apples from the snack bar.

Babs Seed: They are?

Tinkerputt: That's because Stardust has the power to teleport things.

Stall Vendor: My candy apples! They're gone!

Rarity: I knew something was funny about all this!

Mako: Why does there always have to be a catch for everything?

Rarity: This has nothing to do with you.

Apple Bloom: So what Ah'm suppose ta' do?

Applejack: Stardust could put all these apples back. Hey Stardust could ya kindly do us a favor?

Rainbow: Yeah put all these apples back!

Rarity: Fix the problem!

Stardust: Fix it?

[then they disappear!]

Pablo: AAH! They're gone!

Sir Handel: Stardust! When they said "fix the problem," they didn't mean themselves!

Tiger: Oh no! They've disappeared! This is bad, Stardust might make the rest of us disappear too!

Kipper: I wish you'd be quiet Tiger!

Tiger: [muffled speaking]

Tyrone: Whoa! Kipper's wish came true!

Tiger [Muffled speaking]

Sweetie Belle: Stardust, where are our sisters?!

Rarity: Help!

Applejack: Hey! Git' us outta her'!

[they're in the candy apples]

Rainbow: Who put us in the candy apples?!

Pinkie: Hang on! We'll get you out!

Tiger: [muffled speaking]

Kipper: Oh, sorry. Uh, I wish Tiger can talk again.

Tiger: Ah! Thank you, Kipper.

Austin: Seems like Stardust can grant wishes.

Smudger: Big deal. I wanna wish. Stardust, I wish for you to lift me in the air.

Stardust: Lift you up, in the air?

Smudger: Ha! He can't even lift me up in the... 

[then Smudger starts floating upward] 

Barney: Whoa! You're floating Smudger! 

Smudger: What?! [looks down to the ground] [gasps] Hey, STOP!! PUT ME DOWN! WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?!!? PUT ME DOWN!

Stardust: [stops]

Smudger: Oh, no. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH [slow motion] AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! [lands on the ground] WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!

Owl: Because, you wished him to do it.

Stardust: Sleepy. I'm getting very sleepy. [falls asleep]

Apple Bloom: Stardust?

Scootaloo: Is that all he does?

Tinkerputt: No, Stardust's just recharging his energy. He won't hibernate again until the seventh day and the comet is gone.

Sweetie Belle: Cool!

Smudger: Good. I won't be sad when he leaves.

Rarity: Okay, but what about all these candy apples?

Applejack: Well, guess we'll hafta' carry em back ourselves. We ain't got no choice.

Rarity: [groans]

[Later in a far away land]

Lucario: [sense something wrong and takes off]

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