Here's how the Carnotaurus and the V-Rex's battle goes in Genesis Park III.

The group stumble on a dead carcass.

Princess Yuna: It's alright, it's dead.

Then a Carnotaurus sees them.

Princess Yuna: Oh, shoot.

Carnotaurus: ROAR!!!!!!

The group run back as the Carnotaurus but however there was the V-Rex some of the group run but Yuna is pushed in a log.

V-Rex: ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carnotaurus: ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Princess Yuna: (screams as the Carnotaurus steps on the log)

The 2 big dinosaurs battle to the death. At first, the Carnotaurushad the upper hand of the fight, able to grab onto the V-Rex's leg and bite deep into it and shove it to the forest floor. After regaining its focus, the V-Rex freed itself from the Carnotaurus jaws, after knocking down a tree which nearly crushed Thunder Spectrum and Blue Star. The V-Rex roared and snapped at the Carnotaurus which was backing up, roaring back. The two predators bit and snapped at each others flanks, and the Carnotaurus managed to charge at the V-Rex, pushing it forward. The V-Rex recovered quickly from the blow, and managed to out-maneuver the Carnotaurus and grabs it. Bellowing in pain, the Carnotaurus groaned out in agony as the V-Rex crushes it's back, ribs, and bones, killing him instantly. And Yuna escapes once the V-Rex drops the Carnotaurus.

V-Rex: ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (starts eating)

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