The Case of The Midnight Syndicate is an 70th episode of Pooh's Adventures Chronicles by Daniel Esposito it will appear on Zippcast in the near future.


Mistress 9, without Bowser noticing behind his back, assembles a small regiment of sorcerers in the Legion of Darkness to try and overthrow her king because she feels he has failed them all for the last time and that now is the time is to begin a new era of darkness, one under the rule of her old master, Pharoah 90. At her side is Princess Azula of the Fire Nation, Lord Myotismon of the Digital World, and Grand Vizier Djinn Jafar of Agrabah. Together, the newly assembled Midnight Syndicate make their debut by unleashing hordes of Daimon soldiers and Bakemon spiritis upon Gotham City.

Now it's up to Batman and the Pooh Gang to take down Mistress 9 and end her treacherous scheme before it is too late for Gotham.


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