ButchThis is where we meet back up with the Cavendish gang in Ed, Edd, n Eddy Meet The Lone Ranger.

[we veiw Frank riding through a valley, and then the rest of the Cavendish gang who have Rebbeca and Danny]

Rebbeca: My husband will kill you 2 for this.

Butch Cavendish: That'd be a trick. Last time I saw your husband, he was drowning in his own blood. 

Rebecca: [slaps Butch]

Butch Cavendish: [takes out his dagger]

Gang member: We got company!

Gang member: Hold up!

[Frank comes up]

Ernie: It's Frank.

Frank: [grabs one of the guy's bottle of liquor and takes a big drink]

Butch Cavendish: Where's Barret and Jesus?

Frank: [panting] He killed them. Straight draw. Fired on bullet and they didn't stand a chance.

Butch Cavendish: You better start talking straight, Frank. [points his dagger at him] Now. who killed them?

Frank: It was a Ranger, Butch. A lone Ranger.

Butch Cavendish: Rangers are dead.

Frank: [shakes his head] The ghost of Dan Reid. He coming for you.

Gang Member: Frank!

Frank: You shouldn't of done what you did.

Butch Cavendish: [grabs him] Shut up! [shoves him down] Let him come! I killed him once. I won't have to answer for it when I kill him again.

Rebecca: You're scared aren't you? You should be.

Butch Cavendish: Hey Collins. Do you know what the Indians called this place? "The Valley of Tears". [hands Collins a revolver]

Rebecca: Please don't do this. Please, don't...

[Collins takes the 2 away from the gang and points the gun at them]

Collins: That's far enough. [cocks gun] Don't look at me.

Rebbecca: He loved you.

Collins: I said, don't look at me. 

Rebecca: [hugs Danny, prepare for their death.]


[Rebecca and Danny look and see Collins didn't shoot them]

Collins: Run. Please, run.

[They did]

Rebecca: Danny, come on. [then falls]

Danny: Mama?

[Then 3 mysterious figures come out and shoot Collins]

Danny: [looks back and sees Collins fall to the ground]

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