Here's how the Cavendish Gang raids the train in Wrath of the Century.

[The real story begins as a train is out in the desert as we see Spongebob inside one of the coaches reading a book]

[Then a ranger walks by and then goes up to a boxcar. He then knocks and the other ranger inside lets him in. Inside the car, we see Blackie watching some crates and we also see Butch Cavendish in shackles]

Ranger: Almost hanging time, Butch. You hear what I said boy? [nudges him]

[Butch then smiles deviously]

Ranger: Gonna enjoy seein' them wipe that look off your face.

[Then on a hilltop, we see the Cavendish gang waiting]

Gang Member: Well, and it's about right on time.

[The train keeps chugging along and the Gang start charging at the train]

Blackie: [still watching the crates, when he hears Cavendish doing something and he looks at him]

Butch Cavendish: [undos a screw revealing a S&W #3 revolver]

Blackie: [gasps]

Butch Cavendish: [hides the gun in his coat] Piss break, boss!

[Butch is ping in a bucket. And Blackie throws a washer at the ranger, the ranger turns around and Blackie shows him he has a gun. Butch turns around and shoots both rangers and points at Blackie. And back outside, the Cavendish gang hop in one of the coaches]

Spongebob: [looks up and then sees the shadow, he then follows the footsteps] 

[Then the gang member chokes a crewman with achain and then continues down the train, Spongebob steps out of the coach and looks into the boxcar and sees the dead rangers]

[Then Jesus and Frank hop on the train]

[The one gang member gets to the engine and shoots the crew, then opens the regulator to full power and then locks it!]

Butch Cavendish: (undoing his shackles) 15 hours, I watched you watch them crates, gets on a man's nerves.

[Spongebob tries to open the door but he can't then he finds an ax]

Blackie: I have ne fear of what happens next.

Butch Cavendish: [cocks gun] Nothing, comes next.

Blackie: Is that so?

Spongebob: [breaks open the door] Hi-ya!

[then Cavendish points his gun at Spongebob]

SpongeBob: Oh shrimp.

Butch Cavendish: Nice to barge in.

Spongebob: [drops the ax and puts his hands up]

Blackie: (points his M1911 at Butch) [cocks gun] Drop the gun, Cavendish.

Butch Cavendish: [drops the gun and puts up his hands] Do I know you, black sheep?

Blackie: I know you from the letters my friend sent me.

Spongebob: [picks up the revolver and points it at Cavendish] That's right.

[They then unlock Cavendish]

Butch Cavendish: What kind of a sponge has a black sheep for a friend?

Spongebob: Believe me, where this train's heading there's plenty of different kinds of friends.

Butch Cavendish: Oh yeah? where's that?

Spongebob: The future.

[Then the door opens and the gang members all point their guns at Spongebob and Blackie]

Butch Cavendish: Ya know something, sponge, maybe you're right.

[Then it shows they're shackled up]

Butch Cavendish: Sponge and crazy black sheep. Bet you 2 have a lot to talk about, best make it quick. [Throws the keys and then hops on a horse and th gang makes their escape]

[The train is now speeding out of control]

SpongeBob: [tries to pull the songs apart but to no avail] What do we do? A railroad crossing's not far from here! If we don't stop the train could crash into a car!

Blackie: [picks up the ax then puts the head into a crack in the floor, then kicks it, breaking the board holding the chains loose]

Spongebob: That's great! Good job!

Blackie: No problem! Come on we have to save the passengers!

[They climb onto the top of the train]

Spongebob: We gotta hurry!

Blackie: Yeah!

[Then before they can go, Blackie is staring at something]

Spongebob: What? [Then a hat flies by then he sees Jesus is climbing on top of the train]

[Spongebob and Blackie then run for him and trip him with the chain but at then gunpointed by Frank]

Frank: Goin' somewhere?

Blackie: Yes.

Spongebob: No.

Blackie: Yes.

Spongebob: No.

Frank: SHUT UP!!

[Then a mail arm is approaching]

Blackie: Yes.

[Then the hook catches on Spongebob's chains]

Spongebob: WHOA!!

[Blackie is then pulled with him as  he knocks Frank over and then he grabs Jesus with his legs as they swing over him]

Blackie: This is your stop! [lets go]

Jesus: WHOA! AAAHHH!!! [He smashes through the windows of one of the coaches and then hits the ground]

[Then Spongebob and Blackie land back on the train]

Spongebob: [loses his balance and falls off] WHOA!!

Blackie: SPONGE!!! [hangs on the chains and then pulls him back on the train]

Spongebob: Thanks.

[Then Frank points a coachgun at them and cocks it]

Frank: Dose-doe.

Spongebob: I don't think so! [he puts his fists up] why don't you put that thing down and we'll settle this another way. But I should warn you, I know Ka-ra-ta!

[But then Fank smacks the stock of his gun on Spongebob's nose]

Spongebob: [holding his nose] AAH!!

Blackie: [He then swings his leg around and kicks Frank off the train]

Frank: AAAAHH!!!

Blackie: Come on!

Spongebob: What we doing?

Blackie: We're gonna uncouple the passenger cars! [leans down]

[He then grabs the pin and at first it won't let go, but soon it pulls out and the cars are uncoupled]

Spongebob: We did it!

[They bump fists]

[The rest of the train races onward and forward]