Tama: From the looks of the-it, the Bahamutian encampment is going to stay a Goblin, the-hangout for good.

Lamnimon​: At least, they'll leave Cornelia alone for a while, now that we've gotten rid of the soldiers controlling them. Even recovered Lobomon's and Dogmon's Power.

Agumon: Once the Mirages and Digimon are scattered and separated from their keeper, they revert to their wild state.

Biyomon: And while Mirages are something you just... Learn to get used to in Digital Grymoire.

Flamon: That's why you got Agumon and Gabumon here.

Biyomon: Yes, indeed.

They look blush

Biyomon: However, we cannot rule out the possibility of another Bahamut Attacks. What we need... is an alliance with another country. Some sort of mutual agreement to come to each other's defense.

Gabumon: Actually, word has been spreading of such an organization: an anti-federation group as large as a nation.

Agumon: Perhaps the time has come to formally introduce ourselves. They called themselves the league of S.

Biyomon: "League of S"? Do you know of any way to reach them?

Gabumon: The Thane of Saronia to the north has been in contact with them. I believe one of the merchants mentioned it.

Biyomon: Saronia, of course. They have been resisting Federation annexation.

Agumon: Of course. Allow me and Gabumon to journey there, and learn what we can about the League of S.

Biyomon: What? To get to Saronia, you must pass through all manner of places teeming with dangerous Mirages and Digimon. And I...

KoRaimon: Hey, how about we go instead?

Flitmon: Yes. Agumon and Gabumon here, them and the brigade should stick around and keep the Goblins in line.

Ottermon: That's right. Cornelia's Legendary Champions belongs right here in Cornelia.

Anteatermon: We're the best fit for this. We've got a lot stronger to travel, and could start just about anywhere. So, you know, it wouldn't be any trouble.

Biyomon: What a great offer. You would really do that?

Flamingomon: Sure! You're doing us a favor by pointing me and my friends in a new direction. We're glad to help.

Biyomon: I thank you. We are in your debt. Here. All Cornelia emissaries are given these letters, as proof of their authority, it should help you on your way.

Goatmon: Thanks.

Dogmon: Well, there's no sense in hanging aroind. So long! Take care!

They left with the Trailmon they arrived in Pyreglow Forest

Tromon: Wow, I can stare it for days... at this place.

Talpidmon: Looks like we have to find our way through?

They went ahead

Tama: If things get the-dangerous or you need a break, don't forget that you can use the Gates to return to Digital Nine Wood Hill, and take a time out.

They saw vines

Strabimon: Dead end.

Geopardmon: How do we supposed to get through these vines?

Flamon: What's this Symbol for?

Tama: That's one of Enna Kros's the-patented Sizzle Symbol!

Reflectmon: She got it patented?

Tama: That's your cue to the-bring out your power, Flamon. Even along a Mirage and Digimon that's learned the Sizzle Ability. And if you don't have a Mirage with Sizzle Ability just the-yet you're sure to find one close the-by, so keep looking.

They went ahead

Pengimon: Digital Grymoire sure has no shortage of wonders, does it?

Dogmon: I know, how high up are we? I wonder what would happen if we jumped.

Strabimon: Hey, why don't you find out?

Tama: Go on, we're the-waiting!

Dogmon: Uhhh, I'll pass.

They saw Lights

Strabimon: Huh? What's that light?

Ottermon: Hope is a Disco Party. Like I did last time


Ottermon whack the Disco Ball as a Pinata, he eat the Glass and it hurt him

Ottermon: Ow! Ugh! Crafty Digimon's and their Glass Candy.

End Cutaway

They saw a Digimon named Gatomon

Tama: That's the-bee-yotiful!

Geopardmon: Hold on. I know there's a Digimon from our world. But where? I can't remember.

Gatomom: Hybrid Digimon traveling with a Mirage? It seems clear the sixteen of you are not from Grymoire.

Tama: Ah! I the-totally forgot about hiding!

Kumamon: Yeah, we forgot to use our Rookie Form, too.

Kazemon: What's your name? You know, that staff---

Gatomon: My name is Gatomon. Are you Heralds Digimons? Have more of you been send to plague us? Your kind have brought enough chaos into this world already.

She summon a Mirage

Gatomon: Leave Digital Grymoire! You have no place here!

They fight and they defeated her and her Mirage

Gatomon: The way you use your Elements Power. Only the Celestial Digimon, Cherubimon​, Ophanimon and Seraphimon ever held such power over them. Tell me, who are you?

Lobomon: Seraphimon? Cherubimon? And Ophanimon, you did? But that's our... Masters.

Loweemon: Hey, that's right. That was there names!

Kazemon: Um, listen, you wouldn't happen to know this "Seraphimon, Cherubimon and Ophanimon"?

Gatomon: Let me show you something.

They went to see the Artifacts

Grumblemon: Huh?

Beetlemon: That's the Symbol--- the same ones we have. Even those Three Digimon, they're our Masters.

Mercurymon: What? You mean, that's them?

Loweemon: Right. I knew I recognised it. The Symbols that we had.

Gatomon: Roughly one hundred years ago, a Champion Digimon's from the Digital World saved Digital Grymoire. Their names are Cherubimon, Ophanimon and Seraphimon.

Ranamon: What? Our Master did that? But, a hundred years ago...

Agunimon: I don't quite follow. Our Master's a Champion? And this is some kind of Monument of them?

Gatomon: So, you keep saying that Cherubimon, Seraphimon and Ophanimon was your masters. Again. May I ask who you are?

Dogmon: Well, uh...

They told her everything

Gatomon: No, Memories and Powers even Abilities? That is strange.

Arbormon: Do you think you might be able to tell us a little more about Us and our Masters. We'd appreciate anything at all.

Gatomon: Sorry. I only know the common legends. The ones Digital Grymoire's people have grown up with.

Ladybugmon: Alright, we'll take anything.

Gatomon: Sometime around a Century ago, the world of Grymoire was nearly destroyed by a being that has come to be known as the Demon Dyad. The Celestial Digimon prevented this by creating the Ultima Gate and Book--- a book and bridge to salvation from which they summoned Seventeen heralds straight from the realm of the gods. Thus, they became Grymoire's Champions.

Ottermon: That definitely sounds like something out of mythology.

Tama: Bridging the gap between worlds is a serious the-accomplishment. They must have been the-mazing!

Gatomon: That they were. But sadly, even though they managed to save the world from the Demon Dyad...

Agunimon: What?

Gatomon: The Heralds... all seventeen of them chose to remain here in Grymoire. And one of them is now Brandelis, king of Bahamut.

Agunimon: What? But Bahamut... That's the federation that attacked Cornelia!

Gatomon: Yes, after they finished "saving" the world. Brandelis and the others harnessed a legion of New Mirages and Digimon, and slowly took control of Grymoire's land, building a powerful federation.

Loweemon: "Legion of New Mirages"... Guys, you don't think there's any connection to the ones we lost... do you?

Kumamon: What? That's not possible. We're talking about a Hundred years ago.

Kazemon: But where have we been born? The Digital World is our home. And Nine Wood Hills, which Enna Kros told us was a world without time. Right, Tama?

Tama: Right the-you are. Compared to other the-worlds, the concept of time there is. Let's say... More than a little bit the-unsual. So, if you want to know just the-how long you were there, there's really the-no way to measure!

Agunimon: Huh? What?

Kazemon: Umm... if you don't mind my asking. What ever happened to them? And who are we? After the Heralds come?

Gatomon: They're safe in the Digital World. And you guys are Legendary Warriors of the Digital World. You have the power of Fire, Light, Ice, Thunder, Wind, Earth, Water, Wood, Steel and Darkness. And you six are Warriors of Brave, Elements, Kindness, Heartful, Hope and Strength. Even you have Beast Spirits.

All: Beast Spirits?

Gatomon: Their are you're Slide Evolution. But sense you lost you powers. That means, they're gone after the Heralds.

Dogmon: What happened to them?

Gatomon: Unfortunately, we don't know for sure. Some say summoning the Heralds was an act that cost their lives. While others says they live as a prisoners in the Herald's castle, their freedom lost forever.

Loweemon: Prisoners?

Agunimon: Where can we find this Castle?!

Gatomon: I wish I could help, but I don't know where to find it. Not just me. No one. Not even the soldiers in their army. They say Brandelis keeps its whereabouts a secret.

Dogmom: What!? How do you hide a big stupid Castle!?!

Goatmon: Dogmon, stop that! Come on, it's a legend. Are you really gonna get all worked up over something carved on a rock? They share the same name. That doesn't automatically have to mean they're the same person.

Dogmon: Well... yeah maybe not. But you can't try and tell me this is just a coincidence.

Loweemon: Would you listen.

Lobomon: All this stuff we're "remembering," like our Master'sname? What if it turns out none of it is true? But I guess there's no point in telling Dogmon that.

Dogmon: What is it, Lobomon?

Lobomon: Just forget it.

Gatomon: If it's Bahamut that you're after, you should start in one of the federation's member states, and do your asking around there. Seronia lies farther north. I believe they just joined the Federation.

Agunimon: Huh?

Ottermon: What? And I thought Saronia was the place we're going to!

Kazemon: Then Biyomon mush not have known...

Kumamon: (With) Oh well. We've already made it this far.

Goatmon: Yeah. We wouldn't be very good emissaries if we turned back now. And we did promise to ask about the League of S.

Dogmon: Sorry about me raising my voice at you. I know you were trying to to help us out, so thanks.

Gatomon: Actually, I should be sorry for attacking you. It was wrong to accused you of being something you're clearly not.

They left to Seronia]

Gatomon: Again, it shall be Ragnarok, Trinity and Ars Arcanum-- "a battle... Initiliated by new Champions, and her.. to whose salvation?"

????: You're beyond Salvation.

Then Dark Muttmon and KendoGarurumon appeared and Gatomon disappeared

Dark Muttmon: And Illusion, huh. hi

Dark KendoGarurumon: Well, no Matter. A chase is more to my liking. I tire of simply waiting.

Back to our heroes

Loweemon: Huh?

Lobomon: What's wrong, Loweemon?

Loweemon: Oh, it's nothing. I just had this strange feeling... kind of familiar, but also kind of scary.

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