This is how the chase goes in The Littlest Pet Shop Pets Save The Wonder Pets.

[we now see Skiff sailing down the line and they are far from the hideout]

Minka Mark: We made it!

Penny Ling: We'll soon be back at the pet shop in no time!

[then we hear gunshots]

Pepper Clark: What the?!

[we then see the villains in pursuit!]

Diamond Tiara: Get back here! [fires]

Sunil Nevla: WAAH!! The crazy fillies and those freakist twins are right behind us!

[The girls fired their guns]

[the bullets hit the brakevan]

Russel Ferguson: And they're shooting at us!

Ming-Ming: This is sewious!

Vinnie Terrio; What do we do now?!

Linny: Maybe if you guys throw something in their path, it'll slow them down!

Zoe Trent: Good idea!

Pepper Clark: Grab anything we can throw off!

Minka Mark: [picks up a shovel] (she then throws it, but it doesn't slow them down]

Russel Ferguson: [throws a can]

[but the can is crushed]

Zoe Trent: [throws a bottle]

[but the bottle shatters when it hits the ground]

Penny Ling: [throws a wooden beam]

[the beam then gets caught in the front wheels of the villains' engine and slows them down a little]

Diamond Tiara: [growling]

Pepper Clark: That will only buy us so much time!

Vinnie Terrio: (groans) There has to be something else we can use! [then as he searches for something else to throw, he comes across a silver box] Hey, what's this?

[he then opens up the box inside are some weapons (snubnose revolvers and compact pistols)]

Vinnie Terrio: Guys! I found some weapons!

Zoe Trent: Yes!

Pepper Clark: [to the Wonder Pets] Can you drive a railboat?

Linny: We can.

Brittany: We have to get them beam off the line!

Diamond Tiara: (annoyed) I know we have to get rid of the beam!


Silver Spoon: What?

[we then see Pets using the guns from inside the back of the brakevan]

Silver Spoon: THEY'VE GOT GUNS!!

[the pets continue their line of fire]

Skiff: Guys! I can see the town we're almost there!

Russel Ferguson: That's great!

Zoe Trent: But we aren't on the right line!

[then the villains biff into them]

Skiff: Oh!

Vinnie Terrio: They're biffing us!

Minka Mark: Signal box coming up! [points up the line]

Ming-Ming: Don't wowwy, I'll fly up and get the signalmen's attention!

[Ming-Ming then flies up but they are approaching a low signal arm]

Tuck: Ming-ming, duck!

Ming-Ming: Yes, I am a duck.

Sunil Nevla: NO!! THE OTHER DUCK!!!

Ming-Ming: Oh! [she ducks just in time]

[at the same time, the signalman sees them and then switches them on the track that leads them to the town]

Skiff: See you later!

Diamond Tiara: [growls] We'll have to cut them off the back way!

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