This is how the chase goes and where the droids reappear in The Beginning of the Chronicles II

[soon Nyx wakes as we see from her POV]

Nyx: [groans] Huh?

[she then is shocked to find herself gagged and bonded and then finds her tied to Skiff's mast!]

Nyx: [groaning]

Sailor John: Hello, sweetie.

Nyx: [mumbling speech]

Sailor John: Now, we're ready to head to our distenation.

Nyx: [mubling speech]

Sailor John: Oh did I say, I'd be taking you back to the others? I was mistaken, I'm gonna take you to the droids]

Nyx: MHMH?!

Sailor John: Yes. those droids paid me big dough if I were to deliver you to them! Now, off we go!

[John then raises Skiff's sail and they start moving]

Skiff: It's not right! I don't want any part in this!

Sailor John: Oh why don't you just pretend your putting face in the water and keep your mouth shut! [stamps him]

Skiff: Ow!

[then Thomas arrives from the corner and hears Skiff]

Thomas: Huh? [gasps]

Sailor John; Thomas!

Nyx: [muffled] Thomas!

Skiff: Thomas!

Thomas: STOP!!!

Sailor John: You'll have to catch me first!

Thomas: Come back!

Sailor John: [laughs as Skiff speeds on]

[we now veiw Spongebob, Blackie, Patrick, and Squidward]

Spongebob: Nyx?!

Patrick: [looking inside a soup can] Nyx!

Squidward: She's not there!

Blackie: I hope we find here. There's no telling ewhat could happen to her.

Spongebob: Hey look. [points to Sailor John and Skiff racing down the line as John laughs[]

Squidward: Where are they going in such a hurry?

Patrick: Nyx!

Spongebob: Nyx!

Blackie: Thomas!

Squidward: Thomas? We're searching for Nyx.

Blackie: No, I mean it's Thomas! [points to Thomas speeding down the line]


Spongebob: [looking through binoculars] Guys, I found Nyx!

Blackie: Where?

Spongebob: [gives him the binoculars] Take a look.

Blackie: [looks through them and sees Nyx on Skiff's mast!] Oh no! Sailor John has her!

Spongebob: Oh, no!

Blackie: I knew that there was something off about Sailor John!

Sqiudward: We have to stop him!

Spongebob: [hops on his and Blackie's motorcycle and tries to start it] Squidward! Patrick! Find the others and tell them what's going on!

Squidward: Got it! [hops in a truck and starts it]

Patrick: What are you gonna do?

Spongebob: Me and Blackie will see if we can't try to help Thomas!

Squidward: Alright, we'll meet back up with you! [drives off]

Blackie: Let's go, Sponge!

Spongebob: Hang on, Thomas! [starts the motorcycle and drives down the line] We're on our way!

[wth Thomas]

Thomas: Don't worry, Nyx! I'm coming!

[he then blasts around a corner]

Thomas: [gasps]

[there, up ahead is a huge pirate ship!]

Thomas: A pirate ship?!

Sailor John: [laughs] Superior sail power Thomas, me lad! You'll never catch me now! [releases Skiff's anchor and the ship starts moving]

Blackie: That pirate's using that pirate ship for extra sail power!

Spongebob: Oh no, now we won't have a good chance of catching up now!

[Sailor John then salutes Thomas and they speed faster and faster]


[we then veiw Ryan near some of the loading platforms]

Ryan: I've looked everyone and still haven't find Nyx. I hope she isn't in trouble. If she is she might need my... [notcies the pirate ship] Help! [stops and then starts reversing backward] PIRATES!!!!!

TMSBG: Pirates?

Ralphie: [notices the pirate ship] Is it just me, or is there a Pirate ship on the tracks?

[Thomas' whistle is then heard]

Pheobe: That sounds like Thomas.

Wanda: It is Thomas! Look!


Sailor John: [notices them] What? Those land lubers?

Carlos: Hey, that pirate's getting away!

Liz: [points to some carts]

Wanda: Come on! We have to stop him!

Arnold: i knew I shoud've...

Ralphie: Don't say it Arnold! Just puch the carts!

[they race over to the carts and psuh them onto the tracks]

Sailor John: Huh?

[the ship hits the carts on the tracks]

Sailor John: Oh!

Skiff: [spits out dirt and pebbles]

Sailor John: Oh, sink me! Huh?

[the carts have caught into the ship's wheels and they slow it down]

Sailor John: Oh no! We're losing power Skiff! Argh! You scally wags!

Thomas: Thanks guys!

Miss Frizzle: You're welcome, Thomas!

Wanda; Go get that weasley wimp, Thomas!

Miss. Frizzle: Take chances! Make Mistakes and Get Messy!

Thomas: You got it!

Sailor John: Faster!

Thomas: Ryan, the rope!

Ryan: Huh?


[one rope gets caught on Ryan's front]

Ryan: Wha! Whoa!!!

Sailor John: What?!

'Ryan: [brakes hard]' AAAH!!! [bumps into some buffers and casues the ship to topple over]

'Sailor John:' OH NO!!! [groans]

Thomas: Great job, Ryan! [speeds on]

[then Spongebob andf Balckie race in]

Spongebob: Watch out, guys! Coming through!

Balckie: Quick, head to the castle and tells the royals what's going on!

Miss Frizzle: To the Bus!

[they hop in the bus and it drives for the castle]

[back to the chase]

Thomas: Skiff! Stop!

Skiff: But, I can't! I can't!

Sailor John: Shiver my timbers! You never give up do you!? ]throws a shovel at Thomas]

[but the shovel is chopped up]

Thomas: Ah! Skiff! Drop anchor!

Sailor John: Here, let me drop it for you! [throws it at Thomas but it only hits Thomas' bufferbeam and flies asside]

Blackie: Sponge! Try and get closer! I might be able to help Skiff slow down! [takes out his SIG-Sauer P226 pistol and cocks it and then does the same with his H&K P9S pistol]

Spongebob:Got it, Blackster! [revs the engine and they stasrt increasing speped]

Sailor John: ARGH!! Scuffer that1 [he then goes to throw something else but then pulls out a bundle of dynamite!] (laughs)

Thomas: (Gasps as he tries to slow down)

Nyx: [muffled] NO!!!

Sailor John; So long Thomas! [lights the dynamite] It's been a blast!

Spongebob: Whoa! He has a stick of dynamite! And He's gonna throw it at Thomas!

Blackie: Oh no, he won't! Heads up, Thomas! [he fires his SIG and hits John in the arm]

Sailor John: AH!! [throws the dynamite to the side instead] OH NO!!!

[the dynamite explodes]


[the Thomas biffs Skiff]

Thomas: Sorry, Skiff. but I have to stop you somehow.

Skiff: That's okay Thomas, try again to bail me!

Sailor John: [swinging an oar] YAH! TREACHERY!! MUTINY!!! I WON'T STAND FOR IT!!!

[then Blackie notices some headlights approaching in the motocycle's mirror]

Blackie: Hello? What's this? Something's aproaching from the rear.

Spongebob: What?

Blackie; [adjusts the mirror]

[on the mirror we see Blythe's Scooter, Button's Dirtbike, some of the engines, and Dusty are coming from around the corner]

Blackie: [as Hugo] I think that Calvary's here!

Spongebob; [looks in his mirror and sees the same thing] Yes!

Patrick: [leaning out from the truck's cab] Don't worry, Nyx! We're coming for ya!

Nyx: [struggling to get herself free]

Spongebob: We gotta try and get closer!

Blackie: But how, the road doesn't get any closer to the line here!

[Spongebob then a bridge that crosses over Skiff's line ahead]

Spongebob: You thinking, what I'm thinking?

Blackie: Yeah!

[Spongebob then drives the motorcycle up the bridge]

Spongebob: Alright Blackie, this is it. Anything else to say?

Blackie: Yeah, I really wish we had a better idea than this!

[the motorcycle then drives off the bridge and then lands on the tracks with a thump]

Everyone: WHOA!

Blackie: We got him now!

Sailor John: Oh, I'll havwe you in the dry dock, Skiff! And take away your sail!

[Thomas then biffs Skiff but Skiff gets diverted onto another line!]

Thomas: OH NO!!!

Skiff: [spins around] Whoa! Oh!

Thomas; Skiff! Nyx!

Spongebob: Oh shrimp, loks like we've got to do it ourselves.amp

Blackie: Indeed.

Sailor John: Goodbye, me hearties! (laughs) I'll always treasure the good times we had! Come on, Skiff we're on our way now!

Thomas: Bother!

Squidward: We'll never catch them now!

Spud: But I will!

Everyone: Spud?

[up on a sideroad, we see Spud riding a red wagon and wearing a pot for helmet]

Spud: Don't worry guys, Spud's on the job!

Pepper Clark: Becareful, Spud!

Spud: Careful's my middle name! [he then drives the wagon down a curved downhill pathway]

Sailor John: [notices Spud] huh? Faster, Skiff!

Spud: Spud the scarecrwo, to the rescue!

[the wagon the drives off a ramp and jumps forward]

Spud: To infinity and beyond!

Sailor John; WAAH!!!

[the wagon then hits John square in the head and he falls back, out cold, as Spud hops into Skiff, which he spins around again as the wagon lands off to the side]

Skiff: Whoa! [stops spinning]

Spud: Ha! Ha!

Spongebob: Now Spud is in control of Skiff!

Spud: And now I'm no longer Spud the scarecrow (takes off the pot and puts on a captain hat he gets out of nowhere) I'm Captain Spud!

Blackie: Drop Skiff's sails, Spud! So we can catch up!

Spud: [does so]

[but as Spud's dropping Skiff's sail a claw the grabs Nyx!]

Nyx: Whoa!


Spongebob: Oh, come on!

[we then see Nyx being carried away by a droid's ship!]

Sith Droid: Got her!

Sith Droid #2: Return to the Hideout!

[they start to fly away]

Squidward: After that ship!

[then Vinnie notices something]

Vinnie Terrio: (as Ord) Look out!

[the others are heading for a dead end!]

Zoe Trent: Dead end!

[they then brake hard and come to stop at the end a little bit before they hit it]

Spongebob: We'll keep up with the ship and then send you a signal when we find them!

[Spongebob, Blackie, Skiff, and Spud continue pursuing the ship]

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