(Tito laughing and gasps)


Fagin: (turns to Sykes' car) Aaah! 

Fagin: (muttering and yelping) Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! 

(Georgette screaming)  

(Tires screeching and grinding) 

Victor: Faster, Fagin! He's getting on us! 

(Dogs barking) 

(Barking continues) 

(Jenny and Franklin are thrown onto the hood of the car) 

(Jenny screams) 

Franklin's mom: Franklin! 

(Sykes' hand appears through the car window and grabs her) 

(Oliver jumps to rescue Jenny by biting Sykes' hand) 

(Sykes howls) 

(Both growling) 

(Dodger jumps to rescue Oliver) 

(Dodger fights the Roscoe and DeSoto and they break and pass through the window of the back of the car) 

(They begin to slip and DeSoto grabs Dodger's cloth and DeSoto falls and dies, yelping) 

(Roscoe pushes Dodger and begins to choke him, Oliver jumps and blinds Roscoe)                             

(Roscoe dies, yelping) 

(Dodger saves Oliver from falling) 

Jenny: Mr. Fagin! Mr. Fagin, help me! 

(Fagin begins to save Jenny as the music: To Die For from The Lion King plays) 

Lord Rataxes: Franklin will be killed! (in Grumpy's voice) We've got to save him! 

Klaus: (in Doc's voice) Yes, yes! We've got to save him! 

Babar: Don't worry, Franklin! Jack and I will save you now! 

Franklin: Sykes will drag us any minute! Hurry please! 

Jack: Tito, take over! 

Tito: All right! Check it out! Heh! 

(Imitating rewing engine) 

Bear: Wow, Tito's going for it!

Raccoon: Sounds like he's having lots of fun.

(Sykes passes through the window) 

(Sykes grabs Jenny screaming) 

Fagin: Uuh! 

Jenny: Help me! Oh! 

Fagin: Yaaah! 

(Train horn blowing) 

Georgette: Aah! Save me! Save me, Alonzo! 

Tito: (Choking) Hey, get off my back, woman! I'm driving! 

Jenny: (Oliver save Jenny) Let go! 

Fagin: Jenny, jump! 

Franklin: (beginning to slip) HELP! 

Klaus: You've only got one chance, Franklin!

(Babar and Jack reach Franklin) 

(Franklin jumps while they grab him after he begins to fall) 

(Horn blaring) 

Georgette: Alonzo! (screaming) Aaah! 

(The scooter jumps with them onto the Brooklyn bridge's huge pipes)  

(Sykes grabs and throws Oliver but sees the train coming toward him and crashing him to his death) 

(The scooter slides down) 

Raccoon: That was an amazing ride!

Bear: Wow, I've never seen anyone drive a scooter like that. Good work, Tito.

Franklin: (in Young Bambi's voice, moaning) Dad. 

(Franklin looks at him weakly) 

Franklin's dad: (in Bambi's dad's voice) I'm here. I'm here. 

Harriet: I knew you are okay. (in Tanya's voice) I knew it! 

Franklin's mom: Oh, Franklin.  

(Franklin looks at Babar with his weak smile) 

Franklin: (hugs Babar) Oh, Babar. I thought I was never going to make it. 

Harriet: (in Fievel's voice) Never say never, Franklin. 

(Franklin laughs and hugs her) 

Jenny: Oliver? 

(Dodger carries Oliver) 

(Jenny runs panting and gasps) 

(Dodger offers him to her and looks at her sadly) 

(Oliver wakes and meows softly) 

Jenny: Oliver? Oliver! 

(Dodger smiles) 

(Franklin and friends and family smiles) 

Fagin: (takes his hat off) Whew!  

(Tito turns to look Georgette looking terrifying)  

Georgette: Whoo! 

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