This is the script for Connor Lacey's Adventures of DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High.

[theme song]

[The story starts at the cafeteria]

Principal Waller: [on-screen] Frost and Codylight the Snow Prime-Prince, heroes of the Month.

Ryagio Dazzle: Oh. [to Cheetah] They get to be Heroes of the Month. But, not you. Or Chris Dusk for that matter.

Cheetah: Yeah, Ryagio. At least your first plan to get revenge on Connor was a back fire at first.

Chris Dusk: I know. And the book Crash reading to me is "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".

Kairia Blaze: Ugh. If Connor haven't got in our way, the 16 realms would have be Ryagio's to rule.

Ryagio Dazzle: That's correct, Kairia. But, I got a plan. Cheetah could make it like something is attacking, and when we help Cheetah and prove to everyone that Cheetah is a hero, everyone will make her Hero of the Month and they will adore us.

[Ryagio Smirks evilly]

[Meanwhile, to Evil Ryan and Connor Lacey]

Evil Ryan: So. Lacey. You think you scaned the CNA of the Cons in the Unicron trilogy?

Connor Lacey: Yeah, why?

Evil Ryan: I was thinking of some names for them. [looks at his notebook] I guess some names might be perfect for each alien.

Connor Lacey: Like what?

Evil Ryan: Like some I come up with. Lanclonus, Star-Blaster, Snow-X, Tidalancy, MegaConnor, GalvaConnor and Conmolishor. You like those?

[Connor nods his head]

Connor Lacey: And, the CNA of the Autobots in the Unicron Wars? You got a name for those?

Evil Ryan: Well, I think....

[Then, the alarm sets off]

Sci-Ryan: Save the Day alarm!

Evil Ryan: Really? Even after I was going to tell Connor the names. But, it can wait.

Connor Lacey: All right. [Hits Ultimatrix]

[Connor Lacey transforms into Lanclonus]

Lanclonus: Ready to fly. Transform!

[Lanclonus transforms into a helicopter]

Cheetah: [push past Sci-Ryan] Out of my way!

Ryagio Dazzle: Ooh, someone is in trouble. But, who?

Sci-Ryan: I know. To Capes and Cowls Cafe!

[So, they made it to Capes and Cowls Cafe]

[Then, at Capes and Cowls Cafe]

Steve Trevor: Whoa, Whoa. Hey.

Harley Quinn (DCSHG): Give me all your monies and throw in a side of kale chips.

Ryagio Dazzle: Don't worry, citizens. Ryagio and Cheetah are here.

[Ryagio prepares to punch Harley but he missed her]

Harley Quinn (DCSHG): Oh! Right in the money maker. I surrender!

Ryagio Dazzle: Leave, Thief, and never come back.

[Then, Sci-Ryan grabs Harley]

Sci-Ryan: Nobody messes with Connor Lacey, Steve Trevor and gets away with it!

[The purple wig fell off]

Wonder Woman: Harley? What are you doing?

Harley Quinn (DCSHG): It was that mangy cat's idea. She wanted to be Hero of the Month with the two Dazzlings.

Ryagio Dazzle: Well. It's her fault. [To Cheetah] Bad kitty! You need to be taught a lesson.

Cheetah: Okay.

Sci-Ryan: Something tells me that Cheetah and Ryagio have some kind of evil connection or something.

Lanclonus: You and me both, Sci-Ryan. [Reverts back to Connor Lacey]

[Meanwhile, in Super Hero High]

Connor Lacey: So, Evil Ryan, about the names of the CNA of the Autobots in the Unicron Wars?

Evil Ryan: Well, I did come up with names like Con Shot, Red Alacey, Connomus Prime, Jet Sapphire, and some characters we could India name for it.

Sci-Ryan: Awesome. [puts his hand on Connor and his eyes turn white]

[Flashback to a scene from Adventure Time: Stakes]

Connor Lacey: Ryan? Are you ok?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. But, I am a vampire.

Connor Lacey: How did you become one?

Ryan F-Freeman: Well, it started with the experiment I was doing with Marceline.

Connor Lacey: Wow.

Ryan F-Freeman: Then, I saw a bat and I think it was cute. But, it turns out to be a vampire and it bit me on the neck. I felt pain like a hunger. I gain fangs and I am turned to a vampire. That's why I hide in the shadows to not be in the sun.

Connor Lacey: Oh my. So. You are not gonna bite me and turn me into a vampire?

Ryan F-Freeman: Me? Bite you? No.

Connor Lacey: Good.

[Flashback ends and Sci-Ryan's eyes turn to normal]

Connor Lacey: What's wrong, Sci-Ryan?

Sci-Ryan: Nothing. At least, Ryan's transformation to a vampire is not all bad.

Connor Lacey: Oh. At least Ryan is ok as Ryagio.

[Sci-Ryan nods his head]

Sci-Ryan: Hey, Connor, since you've scanned the CNA from the Maximals...

[Then, the alarm sets off]

Sci-Ryan: Oh Boy. Save the day. Again.

Connor Lacey: Where is Ryan? It's like he's disappeared

[Ryan F-Freeman appeared]

Ryan F-Freeman: Here I am. Ryagio changed back to me. What's happening?

Connor Lacey: Save the Day alarm, again. [Hits Ultimatrix]

[Connor Lacey transforms into MegaConnor]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa. Let me have a go. [Hits Ultimatrix]

[Ryan F-Freeman transforms into Ryanus Prime]

Ryanus Prime: Let's roll.

Sci-Ryan: Ryan? What is that alien?

MegaConnor: That's Ryanus Prime.

[They transformed into vehicle modes]

Crash Bandicoot: Look, guys. I think that robot is attacking the city outside!

[MegaConnor transform into robot mode]

Ryanus Prime: Ok, Connor. I hope I can change form. Transform!

[Ryanus transform to robot mode]

Sci-Ryan: Ok, Connor. Do your thing.

MegaConnor: On it!

Ryanus Prime: Stand down, Connor. Is that Cheetah?

Cheetah: Never fear. I'll save the Day!

[Cheetah clings onto the robot and starts punching it]

Sci-Ryan: Well, what's going on here?

[a remote control falls and Sci-Ryan catches it]

Sci-Ryan: A remote control? I wonder.

Cheetah: Never press this remote, from which I don't have to control the robot.

[Sci-Ryan presses a button and the robot was deactivated]

Cheetah: Oh come on!

MegaConnor: That was easy. [Reverts back to Connor Lacey]

Ryanus Prime: Maybe If you listen to Ryagio, you would...

[Ryanus reverts back to Ryan F-Freeman]

Ryan F-Freeman: Learn from us.

[The rest of the team arrived

Bertram T. Monkey: Was the Day saved?

[Ryan F-Freeman nods his head]

[Back at Super Hero High]

Crash Bandicoot: Ok, Ryan. Why did the Vampire King make you one of his kind?

Ryan F-Freeman: I think he wanted me so I will be a vampire.

Sci-Ryan: Wow.

Connor Lacey: All right, Sci-Ryan, about the names of the Maximals that I scanned from their CNA.

Sci-Ryan: I got a list. [gives Connor a list of names]

Connor Lacey: Whoa.

Sci-Ryan: You Like Them?

Connor Lacey: Yeah.

[Sci-Ryan puts his hand on Ryan and his eyes turn white. Flashback to the time Ryan became a vampire]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. Hello, little bat. You like me?

[The bat transforms into the Vampire King and he bites Ryan in the neck]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ow!

[The Vampire King flees and Marciline finds him]

Marciline: Ryan? Are you ok?

Ryan F-Freeman: I guess so.

[Then, Ryan feels funny in him]

Ryan F-Freeman: [groans] I feel funny.

[Ryan's eyes turn from brown to red and he felt dizzy]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. My head.

Marciline: You alright?

Ryan F-Freeman: I think so. [feels his fangs] What are my two teeth sticking out? What's going on?

Marciline: I think you've been turned into a vampire by the vampires.

Ryan F-Freeman: What?!

Marciline: Yeah, that's just what happened.

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh my. Now, I have to stay out of the sun and hide in the cave.

[flashback ends and Sci-Ryan's eyes turn to normal]

Connor Lacey: I guess you see what Cheetah and Ryagio are getting along.

Ryan F-Freeman: I guess so. So, what do you think of the names of the CNA of the Maximals?

[Then the alarm sounded off]

Cheetah: Guys! Soloman Grundy is attacking the senior centre!

Evil Ryan: Nah. I don't beleve you. Might be a trap planed by your tricks with the New Dazzlings.

Crash Bandicoot: Yeah.

Evil Anna: I do not believe you, the alarm is blaring.

Ryan F-Freeman: I think I will help her.

[Ryan feels the Dark Energem's Power In him]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh, boy. I feel...

[Ryan turns to Ryagio]

Ryagio Dazzle: Like Cheetah and I have to save the day.

Connor Lacey: I'm going with you to make sure you're not joking.

[Meanwhile, at the senior centre]

Soloman Grundy: Soloman Grundy. Born on a Monday.

[The elders flee just as Connor, Ryagio and Cheetah arrive]

Ryagio Dazzle: There he is, Cheetah. See, Connor?

Connor Lacey: I saw what you mean, Cheetah.

Cheetah: What are we going to do?

Ryagio Dazzle: [picks up a ball of wool] You think I can use this, Cheetah?

[She nods and then she and Ryagio tied up Soloman]

Ryagio Dazzle: Gotcha.

Soloman Grundy: Ugh. Soloman Grundy just want to recite poem for senior centre open mic night.

Connor Lacey: Oh, sorry.

Ryagio Dazzle: It's ok. [unties Soloman] We'll get you next time.

[Soloman leaves]

Ryagio Dazzle: Sorry, Connor.

Connor Lacey: That's alright, but don't trick anyone ever again.

Ryagio Dazzle: Yeah. I guess Cheetah could be Hero of the Month without an audeance. Anyway.

Cheetah: What he said.

Connor Lacey: You think you will promise?

Ryagio Dazzle: I promise you, Connor. I will see that Cheetah will learn her lesson with me when we get back.