The Chronicles of Equestria: Return of the Centaur Princess is another movie of Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Ed-ventures Chronicles, and is the sequel of The Chronicles of Equestria: The Jedi, The Dragon Sith, The Centauress.


2 years have past since the rein of Darth Carnous was put to an end, but on Centaurous Island the King and Queen of it are overwhelmed due to their daughter disappearing years ago, and there's been no luck finding her. And they learn of Tirek planning to steal the throne from them. So they send out word to Equestria for help in their time of need. Meanwhile, while exploring an old temple, an ancient Lightsaber calls out to Cera. Then later, our heroes learn from Tirek's parents that Cera is the lost princess and the Lightsaber belonged to her ancestors. Now Cera must gain all the strength she needs in order to battle Tirek and stop him from taking control of her home and at the same time, give her people their trust and dignity from the world once more.



  • This marks the first appearance of King , Queen , Zemile, , , The Centaur Claymore Saber, King Vorak, Queen Haydon,
  • ,,, Guest Star in this film
  • This movie is based off the Film: The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian with a small mixture of "The Secret of NIHM"



  1. 9 - Return to the Workshop (when King Vorak tells the team of the Centaur Saber's backstory)
  2. The Secret of NIMH - Justin vs. Jenner (during the duel between Cera and Tirek, and where Tirek is killed)