The Cluefinders

The Cluefinders are a group of finders in The ClueFinders.


  • Joni Savage: the leader and founder of the ClueFinders club.
  • Santiago Rivera: the team's highly skilled mechanic of the ClueFinders.
  • Owen Lam: the hippest member of the ClueFinders.
  • Leslie Clark: the youngest and most intellectually inclined of the ClueFinders.
  • LapTrap: an advanced artificial intelligence built in the form of a floating laptop or turbo T.U.R.T.L.E. (Turbocharged Ultra-Rugged-Terrain Laptop Equipment).
  • Socrates: The team's mascot and, supposedly, one of the world's smartest dogs. He cannot talk, but in his only major appearance, The ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures, he is shown to "think out loud" in the manner of Garfield and Snoopy.


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