This is

They are back home

Eric: You're back! I thought you'd be stuck in the game forever.

Duncan: There's no place like home.

Wembley: Everyone okay?

Ryan: I think so.

Kaufman: Well done! You've saved the world from a terrible menace.

Bill: But did you find out who created the virus?

Trent: We've got a pretty good idea. 

Kaufman: Good. Because whoever created the virus must be punished.

Gwen: Glad you agree, Professor, because you're as much a suspect as anyone here.

Kaufman: What? Me? But I'm a scientist! I've dedicated my life to my students and this university.

Courtney: But you also stood to make $250,000 at the science fair.

Sierra: If you stole the invention.

Krafman: Preposterous!

Doki: And let's not forget Officer Wembley.

Wembley: What? I'm an officer of the law! Sort of. Anyway, I've never committed a crime in my life!

Sora: You were the only person that was with us in the lab when we got sent into the game.

Sci-Ryan: But once inside the game, we found some important clues.

Crash: Our first clue came when we were on the moon level. The Phantom Virus shouted, "Play ball! "

Chopper: And on the Colosseum level, we found some chalk lines like a large diamond.

Franky: But our biggest clue was on the final level.

Luffy: When the Phantom Virus appeared in a batting cage.

Duncan (Doki) All I'm getting is that the virus had a thing for... Baseball! Bill! 

They saw him escaping

Wembley; Not so fast, kid!

They stop him for escaping

Wembley: Okay, son, it's all over.

Rico: Bill, you were my best friend.

Krafman: And my best student.

Bill: But you didn't pick my project. 

Eric: What's that supposed to mean?

Bill: Professor Kaufman chose your video design over mine even though I've been here 2 years longer. 

Krafman: Students are all equal, Bill.

Otto: So you invented the Phantom Virus, hoping it would scare Eric, Duncan and Rico away.

Bill: That's right. And it worked, till you guys showed up.

Brook: You were afraid that we would find out who created the virus.

Donald: So you beamed us into cyberspace.

Bill:The prize would've been all mine, if it wasn't for...

All: Us meddling Heroes!

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