Here's how the convention goes in The Littlest Pet Shop Pets Save The Wonder Pets

[the next day, the Convention is opened]

Linny: Hello, fans!

Tuck: Good to see you all!

Ming-Ming: Yes! It's great to see so many fans!

[Fans cheering]

[we then show the pets race into the room]

Vinnie Terrio: We made it!

Pepper Clark: Just in time!

Linny: Fans, we also have a proud annoucement.

Tuck: We wouldn't be here right now, if hadn't of been for those pets by the doorway!

[a spotlight shines on the pets]

Linny: And for their help, we've decided to make them honorary members of the Wonder Pets!

LPS pets: [gasp]

Zoe Trent: H...h...honarary members? Us?! [faints]

Minka Mark: She's been doing that a lot through this whole movie.

Pepper Clark: She needs a wake up call.

Vinnie Terrio: And this time, I have some stinky cheese! [pulls out a dish of stinky cheese]

Sunil Nevla: Vinnie, where'd you get that cheese?

Vinnie Terrio: I brought some, in case Zoe would faint again.

[he then puts a slice of it under Zoe's nose and she wakes up]

Zoe Trent: EWWW!!! PEPPER!!! [notices the cheese] Oh.

Ming-Ming: Don't just sit around, come on up here!

[the race up to the panel stage]

Linny: Our honorary Wonder Pets: Zoe Trent, Pepper Clark, Vinnie Terrio, Minka Mark, Sunil Nevla, Russel Ferguson, and Penny Ling!

[as Linny speaks the spotlight shines one each of the pets]

[they hand them offical Wonder Pets capes]

Zoe Trent: I got a Wonder Pets cape! [squeals] I got a Wonder Pets cape!


Minka Mark: [making happy monkey sounds as she does cartwheels of joy]

Linny: This calls for celery!

Vinnie Terrio: I guess it was a good thing I brought this cheese!

[they all munch a section with a peice of cheese]

[then music starts up indicating a song]

Sunil Nevla: We make a team together

Zoe, Pepper, Penny: 3

Minka, Vinnie, and Sunil: 6

Russel and Wonderpets: 10

Vinnie Terrio: We go full steam together

Pets and Wonder Pets Him, her, you, me

Best of friends, forever we'll be

Yeah, yeah

Better together

We need our friends nearby us

Every day

So they can help and guide us

Every way

And we know there's a place they will stay

Yeah, yeah

Forever beside us

Well there's nothing that I couldn't do, when I'm steaming along next to you

(chorus 3x)

We make a team together

3, 6, 10

We go full steam together

Him, her, you, me

We ride along together

All the way

LPS pets & Wonder Pets: GO WONDER PETS!! YAY!

[they all hop up and high-five as the film ends]

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