Here is how Princess Yuna and her friends tried to stop Armageddon in Princess Yuna's Adventure Begins.

At the Disneyland Express.

Princess Yuna: Everypony present and accounted for?

Princess Skyla: Yes! And Everyone!

Armor Bride: Hurry!

Sweetie Heart: We won't make it!

Scander: We have to!

Britney Sweet: We're the only hope for Equestria!

Stary: I hope we're not too late!

Midnight Sapphire: Me too!

On the Night Express.

Bugs Bunny: ALL ABOARD!!!

Princess Yuna: We've gotta reach the Kronos Stone!

Princess Sharon: And Fast!

Snowdrop: I hope we'll make it!

Princess Twila: We have to do what we must to save Equestria!

The Night Express arrives just in time at Equestria.

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