This is when they found the crystal chamber and Jama is been choosen by the crystal in Dinolantis: The Lost Dinosaur Kingdom.

(They go down the chamber and sees the crystal)

Clayton: Jackpot.

Max, Natatila, Mr. Ross and Jama: Ohh.

(The crystal was flowing there spinning around slowly)

Jama: (Eyes felt with tears) The kings of our past. (kneals down and start to pray)

Clayton: Max, tell her to wrap it up, we've got a schedule to meet.

Max Taylor: (touches her) Jama... I'm sorry.

(Clayton looks at the crystal and then kicks the rock into the water and the diamond starts to glow red and starts scanning the room)

Mr. Ross: Can we go now? I don't like this place.

Clayton: In a minute. Max, tell us what's happening.

Max Taylor: Okay, there's a huge crystal floating 150 feet above us, over a pit of water. Doesn't that seem Strange?

Clayton: Like how strange?

Max Taylor: I don't know how to explain it. It's their lifesource.

[as they speak the diamond then points to Jama as her necklace floats]

Jama: [speaks Dinolantian] (Translating: "Mother")

Clayton: So how do we move it?

Max Taylor: I don't know how to move it. I don't even know what's holding up there.

(They see Jama walking toward the crystal)

Natalia: That's creepy.

Clayton: Okay, Max. What's happening.

Max Taylor: The journal says that the crystal is alive somehow. Like I said, I don't know how to explain it, it's their lifesource, their power. I doing the best I can here.

Clayton: Well then, try faster.

Max Taylor: Okay, how about this, you translate and I point the gun around!

Jama: [speaks Dinolantian] (Translating: All will be well, Max Taylor. Be not afraid.)

Clayton: What did she say?

Max Taylor: I don't know, I'd didn't catch it.

(Jama walks in the water to the crystal making all the light gather around her transforming her entire body into light blue)

Magneto:(goes to make sure she is alright)

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